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Our goal is to incorporate a respect for wildlife and the natural environment into our management of the estate. A key part of our approach is being mindful of the wildlife that resides on the University's campuses and actively working to maintain, enhance and create wildlife habitats.

We are continually working to support biodiversity on campus through the following activities:

  • Maintaining nest boxes in the wooded parts of the estate for birds, bats, bumble bees and lacewings, and ‌creating a number of habitat piles for ground dwelling wildlife. These are monitored at regular intervals throughout the year.  In the
    past we have sought specialist advice from organisations such as the RSPB.
  • Retaining cut or fallen trees as a means of recycling them for the good of the animals and the environment. For example, as‌ well as habitat piles, we often create and lay bark chippings on site to help with organic weed control.
  • We follow a tree planting programme where we replace existing trees with mature trees at a rate of three to one.
  • Our Grounds maintenance is based on organic principles including planting of only local native species. We also try to plant natural wildflowers which will attract wildlife such as butterflies.
  • To prevent litter pollution, litter picking is undertaken daily across campus, and hourly in central areas.
  • Canal cleaning is undertaken by us on a monthly basis of the Canal and River Trust Canal owned that passes through our campus.
  • Ecologists have been engaged to advise during the initial stages of design for our newer buildings on campus.
  • We have a management plan in place for dealing with any potential pollution incidents, and spillage kits are readily available on site and carried by our waste contractors.
  • We reinvest savings made through meeting our environmental targets back into environmental causes where appropriate. The early success of 
    our recycling scheme at our Barnsley Campus in diverting waste from landfill and reducing costs, for example, led to us sponsoring and undertaking tree planting in the local community in conjunction with South Yorkshire Forest.
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