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Go Green

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Go Green is a way to engage with staff and students with the aim of embedding a culture of environmental excellence.

Persuading and encouraging staff and students to adopt and sustain green behaviours requires a cultural shift. 

The positive cultural, environmental and financial benefits gained from Go Green are significant and can be a powerful agent for staff engagement and empowerment and can deliver a contribution of the University’s environmental targets and bring about financial efficiency savings.

Thank you for Going Green.

7 Ways to Go Green

Go Green promotes a set of behaviours:

Switch it off

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  • Switch off any unused and unneeded lights and power consuming equipment.
  • When away from your desk switch off your monitor and lights
  • Overnight and at weekends switch off your computer, monitor and lights
  • If you are the last to leave, turn off the printers and copiers
  • Switch off fume cupboards when they are not in use


Reduce, reuse, recycle

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  • Simply put “use less” where possible
  • Reusing items and finding new uses for items avoids creating waste
  • Recycle everything possible
  • Recycle your packed lunch remains at home if it can’t be recycled at work
  • Reuse envelopes for internal mail and consider if an envelope is needed at all



Think before you print

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  • Consider whether you really need to print or copy, print and copy as little as possible.
  • Edit on screen not on paper
  • Use email to minimise paper use
  • Send and store documents electronically instead of on paper
  • Circulate documents instead of making an individual copy for everyone. 
  • When you print or copy, do it double sided and multiple pages to a page  (contact IT support if you need assistance )
  • Avoid printing in colour wherever possible
  • Use scrap paper for drafts and messages

Don’t waste water

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  • Don’t leave taps or laboratory taps running after use. 
  • Do not leave water running from equipment when not required.
  • If you spot a leak, any unnecessary use of water (eg. if the push taps stay on), a dripping tap or a constantly flushing urinal, report it as quickly as you can to the Estates Helpdesk or ext 2550.  Report



Plan your journey, share your journey

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  • Plan your appointments and trips to avoid multiple journeys wherever possible
  • Use route planner guides to plan journeys
  • Try to car-share or consider public transport when travelling to off-site meetings
  • Do you really need a face to face meeting or would a telephone call be sufficient?
  • Cycle, bus or car share when commuting to work



Think before you buy

Go green logo - think before buying

  • Do you really need to buy it? (think Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Can you buy a green version? (contact procurement for advice)
  • Include environmental factors in your specification when requesting quotes or tenders




Speak up and challenge

  • Take responsibility and positively challenge poor environmental practiceGo green logo of Speak up and challenge
  • Encourage and help colleagues to adopt the Go Green behaviours
  • If you see an opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment, speak up and let someone know, contact the Estates Helpdesk or ext 2550. 



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