Travel Plan


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Executive Summary

The University of Huddersfield recognises the need to address its transport issues as a component if its long-term business planning and Estates Strategy to ensure we meet our corporate aims and objectives as set out by the University Strategy map.

In January 2007, the University developed a Sustainable Travel Framework, which outlined the University's policy and commitment to transport issues and also committed funding to employ a Sustainable Travel Co-ordinator.

This Travel Plan document builds upon the framework and outlines the strategies that will enable the University to expand sustainably.  The eight strategies focus on:


  • Public Transport
  • Car Parking
  • Car Sharing
  • Business Travel‌
  • Motorcycling
  • Pedestrians
  • Cycling
  • Travel Reduction

Targets have been set for each strategy and we will work to achieve our objectives and targets with Local Authorities and Transport organisations, throughout the coming academic year and alongside the current Estates Strategy document to 2017 and into the foreseeable future.

Colin Blair
Director of Estates and Facilities

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