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D4 Curriculum Design for Attainment (by arrangement)
    D4 Curriculum Design for Employability (by arrangement)
      D4 Curriculum Design for Retention (by arrangement)
        Degree Apprenticeship Masterclass
          Degree Apprenticeships: What Does Quality Look Like?
            Developing Successful Research Proposals: A General Guide
            • (Wed) 12 Oct 2022
            • (Fri) 02 Dec 2022
            • (Mon) 20 Feb 2023
            Developing Teams & Individuals to Achieve Success - Performance Enhancement Programme Part 3
              Developing Your Coaching Skills (2-part course)
                Digital Accessibility - Removing Barriers to Learning
                  Digital Accessibility: Create Accessible Word, PowerPoint and PDF (by arrangement)
                    Digital Skills - Bookings: Offer appointments with Microsoft Bookings (by arrangement)
                      Digital Skills - Building Digital Capabilities (by arrangement)
                        Digital Skills - Creating and running surveys (by arrangement)
                          Digital Skills - Induction (by arrangement)
                            Digital Skills - Mindview: Software for Time and Project Management (by arrangement)
                              Digital Skills - Office 365 apps and features to support studying and working (by arrangement)
                                Digital Skills - Presenting data: diagrams and charts in Word and PowerPoint (by arrangement)
                                  Digital Skills - Save, share and collaborate on documents (by arrangement)
                                    Digital Skills - Scheduling and hosting webinars on Teams (by arrangement)
                                      Digital Skills - Tasks: Stay on top of your personal and team tasks with Microsoft Tasks (by arrangement)
                                        Digital Skills Excel - Date, Time and Text Functions
                                          Digital Skills Excel - Getting Started
                                            Digital Skills Excel - Introducing Formulas and Functions
                                              Digital Skills Excel - Logical Functions
                                                Digital Skills Excel - Pivot Tables, analyse & summarise data
                                                  Digital Skills Excel - VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH Functions
                                                    Digital Skills MindView - Software for Mind Mapping
                                                      Digital Skills OneNote, Create and manage meeting, team or project notes
                                                        Digital Skills Outlook - The Useful Bits
                                                          Digital Skills PowerPoint - Enhancing Your Presentation
                                                            Digital Skills Project - Microsoft Project, Manage projects easily
                                                              Digital Skills SPSS - An Introduction
                                                                Digital Skills Teams - Microsoft Teams, Getting Started
                                                                  Digital Skills Teams - Scheduling and Running Meetings with Teams
                                                                    Digital Skills Teams - Teams sites, Collaborate using
                                                                      Digital Skills Terminal 4 (T4) - Edit university webpages
                                                                        Digital Skills TopDesk - An Introduction
                                                                          Digital Skills Visio - Create flowcharts and process maps
                                                                            Digital Skills Word - The Useful Bits
                                                                              Digital Skills Word - Working with long documents
                                                                                Digital Skills, Word - presenting information in tables
                                                                                  Digital Story Telling, Stories
                                                                                    Display Screen Equipment Health and Safety (DSE) (online training)
                                                                                      Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom, Cultural
                                                                                        DSE (Display Screen Equipment Health and Safety) (online training)