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Safe Use of Ladders and Step Ladders (online training)
    Save, share and collaborate on documents
      Screencasting, An Introduction
        Seminar series for academic staff focussing on inclusive international pedagogical practices - online sessions
          Sexual Misconduct - support for students
            Sleep, How To Have A Better Night's Sleep And Re-Charge Your Rest
              Speed Reading (2-part course)
                SPSS - An Introduction (by arrangement)
                  Stories and Digital Story Telling (2-part course)
                    Strategic Leadership in Practice - Theories, Tools & Models
                      Strategic Leadership Programme - How to use ManagementDirect
                        Strategic Leadership Programme - Training for Unit 1: Strategic Leadership
                        • (Thu) 06 Oct 2022
                        • (Wed) 12 Oct 2022
                        • (Tue) 18 Oct 2022
                        Strategic Leadership Programme - Unit 1: Strategic Leadership - Tools and Models
                        • (Tue) 18 Oct 2022
                        • (Fri) 21 Oct 2022
                        • (Wed) 26 Oct 2022
                        Strategic Leadership Programme Launch
                          Student Regulations and Procedures for Professional Staff - full overview
                            Supervision at Huddersfield for Experienced Supervisors of Postgraduate Research Degrees New to the University
                              Supervision Fundamentals For New Supervisors of Postgraduate Research Degrees (multi-part programme)
                              • (Mon) 10 Oct 2022
                              Supervision Update for Experienced Supervisors of Postgraduate Research Degrees
                                Supporting Student Mental Health
                                • (Wed) 12 Oct 2022
                                • (Wed) 01 Feb 2023
                                • (Thu) 04 May 2023
                                Supporting Students in the run up to Exams and Deadlines