Developing Teams Performance ...

A Leader has a responsibility to influence and support the skill, knowledge and behavioural requirements of individuals and teams to equip them with the means to be performance capable. This area contains some resources on the subject of a Leader’s responsibility to develop their teams to perform.

The 5 Stages of How Coaching Works

Talent Conversation Tool

A talent conversation should be an open, honest, and two-way process, where a manager works with their staff member to review and understand where they sit on the 9-box talent grid. Our Talent Conversations and the 9-Box Talent Grid helps measure performance and behaviours, as well as exploring people’s ambition and potential to progress. Before using the Tool and Grid, please read the Talent Conversations and the 9-Box Talent Grid - Overview & Guidance document. Alternatively, to find out more, please watch this short introductory video.

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