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The Performance Enhancement Programme is supported by a programme of facilitated sessions. These are aimed at University People Managers who are responsible for producing performance outcomes and contributing to the University Strategy Map Aims and KPIs. There are three sessions in total and participants are expected to attend each part in order.

Session One: Understanding Performance

This session takes the “big picture” view of performance, discussing the transition and break down of performance expectations from the organisational level to the team and individual level. It explores some key concepts on the subject of organisational performance and examines the idea of “performance contribution”; how individual and team performance at the local level “contributes” to the wider, big picture of organisational performance. This includes developing ideas for communicating organisational performance expectations in a meaningful and manageable way. To book on this session, please click here.


Session Two: Managing and Monitoring Performance Every Day

This session takes a closer look at the managing and monitoring of performance every day. We will consider the best approaches for reviewing performance, understanding the skills and knowledge required to achieve success, and understanding how to position teams and individuals to meet expectations. This will include some discussion of the methods we use to diagnose and assess performance outputs and ask whether these are the best approaches to understand the maintenance and improvement of performance. To book on this session, please click here.

Session Three: Developing Teams to Achieve Success

As the narrative of performance enhancement progresses, we finish with taking at some practical approaches to enhancement individual and team performance. How do we use our understanding of performance contribution and performance diagnosis to now create action plans and strategy that will develop and grow teams to be at the best state of performance readiness they can be? To book on this session, please click here.

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