Managing Your Emails So They Don't Manage You

Who should attend?

University staff who feel stressed by the use and volume of emails.

NB: Tips discussed on the course are for the MS Office 365 APP & NOT the Web version

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What is the session about?

This short session will help you explore strategies to manage your own Outlook and ensure your use of email is effective.

Please note: This is a DISCUSSION-BASED session, focussing on behaviour rather than IT skills.

This session will help participants to ...

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using email as a form of communication
  • Look at how to manage your Inbox by how you organise filing systems and establishing 'rules'
  • How to be more productive by not being constantly distracted by your Inbox - how often you check them and how to manage your email alerts
  • How to be an exemplar in writing emails by ensuring emails are clear and concise, and look at the effective use of Subject Box and expiry dates.

Maps to RDF Planner: Domain B: Personal effectiveness (B1: Personal Qualities B2 Self-management, B3 Continuing Professional Development) Domain D: Engagement, Influence and Impact (D2: Communication and dissemination)