D4 Curriculum Design for Retention (by arrangement)

Who should attend?

Curriculum teams comprising academic staff (and learning support staff [optional]).

It is important that your course team book on to the session and that each course team has a minimum of 2 staff attending.

This session is not for individual participants - PLEASE CONTACT SUE FOLLEY S.Folley@hud.ac.uk OR LIZ BENNETT e.bennett@hud.ac.uk FOR MORE INFORMATION

Booking Info:

Please let me know when dates are arranged

Attendee Details


What is the session about?

For course teams to review their course’s curriculum with a focus on improving retention.

This session will help participants to ...

  • To review your course curriculum holistically including its strengths and areas for development.
  • To identify evidence-based approaches that could be applied to your course to improve retention.
  • To create a course team action plan to address the implementation of the changes agreed during the workshop.