MHFA England Adult Mental Health Aware (Half Day Course)

Who should attend?

All staff.

PLEASE NOTE - all the MHFA sessions ae class-based on campus and will not be held online

Booking Info:

Please let me know when dates are arranged

Attendee Details


What is the session about?

This is an introductory mental health awareness course from MHFA  England.  It will help increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of mental health, including stress, recovery and stigma.  Increase confidence to begin a conversation about mental health.

This session will help participants to ...

  • have a basic knowledge of mental health issues
  • have tools to interact with someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue
  • have an insight into the full 2-day course.

Maps to RDF Planner: Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities (A2: Cognitive Abilities) Domain D: Engagement, Influence and Impact (D1: Working with Others, D2: Communication and dissemination)