Management Matters Self Awareness in the Workplace

Who should attend?

Open ONLY to nominated delegates of the First-Line Leader "Management Matters" programme.

4 and 25 May are class based 

5 and 26 May are virtual

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Please let me know when dates are arranged

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What is the session about?

The Management Matters theme this month is “Who Are You?” and we are holding some workshop sessions to discuss the idea of Self-Awareness and how this contributes to understanding who you are as a Manager.

We will be exploring the how & why of becoming more self-aware and encouraging the sharing of best practice of the group as we challenge you to discuss what you do on a day-to-day basis to be more self-aware.


This session will help participants to ...


  • Get an understanding of how colleagues across the University are self-aware day-to-day
  • Explore the importance of self-awareness to a Manager and how it can contribute to success
  • Discuss the importance of reflection and how that can support increased self-awareness
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