Management Matters Who Are You? - Self-Awareness and Personal Development Planning

Who should attend?

Open ONLY to nominated delegates of the First-Line Leader "Management Matters" programme.

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What is the session about?

As part of the Management Matters “Who Are You?” theme this month we are looking at your levels of self-awareness and your ability to create effective personal development plans.

We are going to explore different approaches to identifying personal development goals from feedback & observations and how to translate those into actionable, incremental steps. 

This session will help participants to ...


  • Use simple tools to raise their day-to-day levels of self-awareness
  • Get an understanding of how colleagues across the University approach personal development planning
  • Explore how to transform reflection and anecdotal information into incremental development actions
  • Discuss the importance of having a personal development strategy in place and a view of the road ahead