Managing a hybrid team

Who should attend?

This session is for managers

28/04/22 - virtual delivery

11/05/22 - class-based 

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What is the session about?

The purpose of this session is to provide managers with practical tips on how to lead, manage and support their hybrid teams. Themes include leadership, communication, wellbeing, and coaching. The session is three hours long with a comfort break. and includes the opportunity to discuss managing a hybrid team with others, in a safe space. It poses a number of questions that will help managers reflect on lessons learnt from managing differently during the pandemic. This session focuses on core aspects of management such as values and provides time and space to consider your management style. This session shines a light on what really matters and counts if you wish to be an outstanding manager.

This session will help participants to ...

  • Reflect on the positives of their leadership style during the pandemic 
  • Get the very best out of their team
  • Identify practical approaches to help you manage your team remotely
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