Thriving Through Change Workshop

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This workshop is open to all University staff 

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What is the session about?

We experience change in work, relationships, our physical and mental health, and as the last year has shown us, changes in world events and circumstances. Sometimes change is welcome, however often it can feel deeply uncomfortable. Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid it, however the key to thriving through change is; our willingness to accept it as part of life and recognising that we have a choice about how to respond to it.

This session will help participants to ...

In this 90 min workshop we’ll discuss the nature of change as part of the human experience, and how through awareness, acceptance and optimism you can learn to embrace change and ride its waves.

You’ll leave the session with theory, tips and practical strategies to help you; build the foundations to support you when change arises, cope with change in the moment and ultimately thrive beyond change.

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