Mental Health Awareness - Managing Mental Health

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This workshop would be beneficial for all members of staff

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What is the session about?

In this 2-hour interactive session we will look more in-depth at how to our manage mental health. We will look at the effects of stress and anxiety on our minds and body and will learn ways to manage them well and understand the signs our mind and body send to let us know we need to make some positive changes.

This session will help participants to ...

Habits are a big part of the health of our mind – in this session we will understand the habits loop, with time for reflection to understand our personal habits both positive and negative. We will talk through habits that serve us well and learn how to break old ones and embed new ones. 
Being more aware of mental health and having a greater understanding of it allows us to look out for signs in ourselves or colleagues. This session will give us the tools to spot these signs and healthy ways to open the conversation up should we need to talk, or should we need to support another. 
Lastly, we will cover balance – the positive impact of giving our best to our jobs and the sense of fulfilment that gives our minds and the boost it has on our mental health. Once giving our best in the workplace we will look at the importance of being able to rest and play, while shutting down the laptop and not being continually connected all the time and the creatively, refresh and energy this brings.
  • The Effects of Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Healthy Habits for a Healthy Mind
  • Spotting Signs in Ourselves
  • Spotting Signs in Others
  • Work Life Balance

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