Personal Development and Professional Review (PDPR)

Who should attend?

This session is aimed at academic, professional services, and technical services people managers who carry out PDPRs (appraisals) with their direct reports, or staff members taking part in the PDPR process as a reviewee.

NB staff who are still within their probation period do not require a PDPR.

20/06/22 and 23/06/22 are Class Based

06/07/22 is online

Booking Info:

If you are interested in booking on to this course please email the People & Organisational Development team ( with the following information

  • Your full name
  • Your School/Service
  • The name of the course you would like to book on to
  • If applicable, the date/time of the session you are interested in

What is the session about?

This session will help familiarise colleagues with the University's online PDPR process. It will help you understand the importance that PDPRs play in your role at the University and the value of standing back from your day-to-day activities to discuss achievements, performance and career aspirations in general, and to make plans for the year ahead and beyond.

This session will help participants to ...

  • Understand how performance is linked to our University’s strategic objectives 
  • Facilitate a constructive, two-way open discussion, which acknowledges and celebrates successes 
  • Understand how the new online PDPR system works 
  • Discuss approaches for how to taking control of the process 
  • Understand the SMART approach to objective setting 
  • Have reviewed the development options arising out of PDPR discussions

Maps to RDF Planner: Domain B: Personal effectiveness (B1: Personal Qualities B3 continuing professional development) Domain D: Engagement, Influence and Impact (D1: Working with others)