Mind Mapping

Who should attend?

Staff interested in using mind maps as a learning, problem solving or planning tool.

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What is the session about?

This practical session will introduce the basic rules for developing mind maps.  The session will focus on drawing mind maps rather than the use of mind mapping software.  Participants will create their own mind maps during the course.

This session will help participants to ...

Folloing the session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between mind maps and other techniques for note-taking and planning.
  • Follow the simple step-by-step process to developing mind maps.
  • Identify opportunities to mind map as a learning, problem solving, or planning technique.

Maps to RDF Planner:  Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities (A2: Cognitive Abilities, A3: Creativity) Domain B: Personal Effectiveness (B3: Professional and Career Development)