Anti Virus Help

If you receive an email warning about a virus

It's difficult to distinguish between real and hoax virus warnings. If you receive a warning about a virus first of all please consider if it may be a hoax.  Many hoaxes can be identified by a request to forward the information to everyone you know.  No genuine anti-virus information makes this suggestion.  If you receive a message about a hoax virus, the best thing to do is delete it.

If you think your computer has a virus

Staff suspecting they have a virus infection on their work PC or storage devices should switch off their PC immediately and contact their usual computing support person or IT support. If you are concerned about your home PC, see the information below.

Anti-virus software

Most staff and student machines have the McAfee Endpoint Security installed (indicated by a red shield icon in the bottom right of the desktop screen). If you don't believe your PC is protected in this way, please contact your usual computing support person or IT support.

Updating your anti-virus software

All staff and student PCs on campus should be running up-to-date antivirus software.  If you suspect that this is not the case, then please contact your usual IT support person.

Protection for your home PC

If you wish to protect your home PC or clear up a virus infection on it, this can be downloaded.

Students can download antivirus software from Student Portal at Student Hub.  It's on the home tab, under personal announcements.

Staff can download antivirus software from the Staff Purchasing HomeUse page at