Supporting off-campus IT users or non-University equipment

Many of the University’s IT systems can be accessed from off campus, so from time to time remote IT support will be required.

Support for University-owned equipment

Support for non University-owned equipment

HudHelp :

HudHelp can be accessed at

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Who can receive off-campus IT support?

Any student, member of staff, post graduate researcher (PGR) or affiliate who has been given a University username and password.

If you do not have a University username and password we regret that we are unable to provide any specific support for your IT equipment or environment.  However our support teams will endeavour to answer any general queries you may have about the University or provide you with appropriate contact details.

Support for University owned equipment

If you are using a computer (desktop, laptop, netbook), MDA or Smartphone purchased by the University, we will attempt to resolve any problems you are having in the same way that we would if you were on campus.  This would include using our remote access tools to check the device and to make configuration changes if this is necessary to resolve the problem.

However, if the problem diagnosed is with a connection or equipment over which the University has no authority – such as a broadband router supplied by an ISP or other 3rd party, or if you are using someone else’s IT network e.g. wireless in an internet café or employer’s corporate network, then we would be limited in (a) being able to diagnose the problem and (b) being able to make any changes.  Under these circumstances we would need to refer you to the relevant authority for additional support. 

In order to overcome complex or unidentified problems we may in some cases advise that University-owned equipment is returned to the standard University configuration.  To do this the equipment would need to be returned to your normal campus location and you should ensure that a backup copy of any personal data or applications present on the device is carried out beforehand as we cannot guarantee to be able to preserve or reinstate these.

Support for non-University owned equipment

If you are using a computer (desktop, laptop, netbook), MDA or Smartphone which has not been purchased by the University, we are unfortunately not able to attempt to resolve any problems you are having.  This is because the University has no authority over this device and our personnel are unlikely to be familiar with its configuration or operation in the same way as they would for a typical University-owned device.

We would of course attempt to resolve any problems which lie with the corporate systems being accessed such as your University username and password, email account, mobile home drive or mobile desktop for staff, Blackboard or hub accounts.