Pooled Rooms

Which rooms are the CLS AV & Events Team responsible for?

Each School has its own AV technician(s) responsible for the maintenance of their AV equipment. However the CLS AV & Events team also look after the teaching rooms for the School of Education.

CLS AV Services is responsible for the pooled rooms which are:

  • Rooms marked (VC) are video conference enabled with a camera, mic and speakers.
  • If you find a fault with the AV equipment in these rooms, please report it using HudHelp.
Teaching Rooms Meeting Rooms Group Study Rooms
BL1/03 JRCG01 SB2/02
BL1/04 JRCG02 SB2/03
BL1/08 JRCG03 SB2/05
BLG/05 RH2/09 SB2/11a
BLG/10 SB1/01  (VC) SB2/11b
HAG/13 SB1/02  (VC) SB3 collaborators
HAG/18 SB1/03  (VC) SB3/06
HAG/28   SB1/30 SB3/07
Holocaust Teaching Rm SB5/23d  (VC) SB3/08
Lockside - All teaching rooms SB6/02 SB3/09
OA4/01 SB7/02 SB4 collaborators
OA4/02  SB7/03 SB5/06
OA5/11  SB8 Finance Meet (VC) SB5/07
OA5.5/01  SB9/01a  (VC) SB5/10
OA5.5/02 SB9/11  (VC) SB5/11
OA6/07 SC Boardroom  (VC) SB6/04
OA7/26 SC4/24 SB6/05 (VC)
RHG/11   SB6/09
RH/207 Multi-Use Spaces SB6/10
RH2/08 Heritage Quay SB6/11
SB2/04 Holocaust Memorial Exhibition SB6/12
SB3/04 Library Foyer SB6/13
SB3/05 McClelland Suite (VC) SB6/14
SB11/05 Oastler Atrium  
SB11/06 RS Atrium Training Rooms
SB12/03 SB Atrium SB3/01a Seminar (VC)
SB12/05 SB2/22 (Quayside) SB9/07b IT Training
SB12/06 Sports Hall SB9/07c SDG Training
SB12/07 Student Central  
SB13/05 The Street  
SB13/06  University Square