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Pooled Rooms

Which rooms are the central AV Team responsible for?

Each School has its own AV technician(s) responsible for the maintenance of their AV equipment.  CLS AV Services is responsible for the pooled rooms which are

Rooms marked (SfB) are video conference enabled with a camera, mic and speakers.

If you find a fault with the AV equipment in these rooms, please report it using HudHelp.

Teaching Rooms Meeting Rooms Group Study Rooms
BL1/03 JRCG01 SB2/02
BL1/04 JRCG02 SB2/03
BL1/08 JRCG03 SB2/05
BLG/05 RH2/09 SB2/11a
BLG/10 SB1/01  (SfB) SB2/11b
HAG28  SB1/02  (SfB) SB3 collaborators
Holocaust Teaching Rm SB1/03  (SfB) SB3/06
OA4/01 SB1/30 SB3/07
OA4/02 SB5/23d  (SfB) SB3/08
OA5/11 SB6/02 SB3/09
OA5.5/01 SB7/02 SB4 collaborators
OA5.5/02 SB7/03 SB5/06
OA6/07 SB8 Finance Meet (SfB) SB5/07
OA7/26 SB9/01a  (SfB) SB5/10
RHG/11 SB9/11  (SfB) SB5/11
RH/207 SC Boardroom  (SfB) SB6/04
RH2/08 SC4/24 SB6/05 (SfB)
SB2/04   SB6/09
SB3/04 Multi-Use Spaces SB6/10
SB3/05 Heritage Quay SB6/11
SB11/05 Holocaust Memorial Exhibition SB6/12
SB11/06 Library Foyer SB6/13
SB12/03 McClelland Suite (SfB) SB6/14
SB12/05 Oastler Atrium  
SB12/06 RS Atrium Training Rooms
SB12/07 SB Atrium SB3/01a Seminar (SfB)
SB13/05 SB2/22 (Quayside) SB9/07b IT Training
SB13/06 Sports Hall SB9/07c SDG Training
SB14/02 Student Central  
SJG/38 The Street  
  University Square  



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