Lecture Capture

All teaching spaces now have Hudstream installed.  This does not include workshop areas such as those in Barbara Hepworth Building.

Lecture Capture recordings can be found on HudStream and Brightspace.

 Equipment installed in these rooms:

  • HD camera
  • Microphone (s)
  • High spec PC
  • Uniform controller for equipment
  • Recording indicator light

If you find a problem in any of these rooms, please report it using HudHelp or contact the relevant technical department.  There should be a contact number clearly displayed in the room.

Barbara Hepworth Haslett  Joseph Priestley  Oastler Richard Steinitz
BH2/02 HAG/13 JPE1/101 OA3/13 RSG/01
BH3/10 HAG/18 JPE2/102 OA4/01 RSG/02
BH3/13 HAG/28 JPE2/103 OA4/02 RSG/03
Bronte Lectures  HA1/13 JPE3/101 OA4/08 RSG/04
BLG/05 HA1/16 JPSG/17 OA4/09 RSG/05
BLG/09 HA1/19 JPSG/18 OA4/10 RSG/101
BLG/10 HA2/14 JPSG/26 OA4/11 RSG/107
BL1/03 HA2/15 JPSG/27 OA4/12 RS1/102
BL1/04 HA4/04 JPSG/69 OA5/10 RS1/106
BL1/06 HA4/06 JPS1/20 OA5/11 RS2/06
BL1/08 Harold Wilson  JPS1/38 OA5/12 RS2/10
Charles Sikes HWG/03 JPS1/42 OA55/01 RS2/11
CSG/04 HWG/04 JPS2/18 OA55/02 Schwann
CSG/05 HWG/05 JPS2/30 OA6/07 Heritage Quay
CSG/08 HWG/22 JPS2/41 OA6/08 SB2/04
CSG/09 HWG/23 JPW1/72 OA6/09 SB2/22
CSG/16 HW1/01 JPW2/65 OA6/10 SB2/22a
CSG/17 HW1/02 Lockside OA7/02 SB3/01A
CSG/18 HW1/03 LSG/12 OA7/26 SB3/04
CSG/19 HW1/05 LSG/13 OA7/27 SB3/05
CSG/20 HW1/21 LSG/14A OA7/28 Spark Jones
CSG/21 HW2/18 LSG/14B OA7/29 SJG/02
CSG/22 HW2/19 LSG/29 OA7/30 SJG/03
CSG/23 HW2/32 LS1/09 OA7/31 SJG/11
CSG/24 HW2/33 LS1/11 Ramsden SJG/38
CSG/26 HW3/17 LS1/12 RB/17 SJ2/01
CSG/27 HW3/18 LS1/14 RB/18 SJ2/03
CSG/28 HW3/33 LS1/27 RG/03 SJ2/04
CSG/34 Journalism & Media  LS1/28 RG/10 SJ2/09
CSG/35 JMG/01 LS1/45 RG/14 SJ2/17
CS1/01 JM1/03 LS2/01 RG/27 SJ3/01
CS3/01 JM2/03 LS2/08 R1/11 SJ3/04
CS3/02 JM2/04 LS2/09 R1/12 SJ3/19
CS3/06 JM2/05 LS2/10 R1/32 SJ5/01
CS3/28 JM2/06 LS2/11 R1/33 SJ5/03
CS3/30 JM3/03 LS2/12 R1/35 SJ5/04
    LS2/17 R2/03 SJ5/20
      R2/07 Others
      R2/08 RHG/11 
      R2/12 St Pauls
      R2/25 SHB/01
      R2/36 SHB/14