Lecture Capture indicator lights

‌ What do the lights mean?


 How do I stop or pause a recording?‌

What do I do if the light is flashing or red?

If the light is red or flashing a variety of colours, please call the technicans for that room.  The phone number will be on the wall close to the lectern.  If you are unable to see the phone number please call 01484 473737 and the central team will try to assist you.  Please note that the light is only an indicator and just because it is flashing or red does not normally mean that your lecture will not be recorder, however we can check this for you remotely.

Is there anything I can do after the class has finished?

It depends on what the problem was.  If the class was supposed to record, but hasn't then there is nothing that can be done after the event.  However, if the class has recorded and you wish to remove a section (or even all of it) then you can do so using the editor within Hudstream.  If you are unsure how to do this then please speak to your School Learning Technology Assistant.‌