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Online Events

In this section we provide a brief overview of the various options available for Online Events. 

Please note that online events are not to be used for teaching purposes.  These are for online conferences, webinars etc to showcase and celebrate your and the University's achievements.

Teams - What to use

Quick comparison of which meeting type to select


Teams Meeting

These are currently being used for most online teaching scenarios.  Participants can share screens, files, camera feed and audio and can chat, set backgrounds or change the view of other participants.  

Teams Webinar

These are much more configurable than the Live Events but are aimed at a smaller audience (upto 1000).

Participants can share screens, files, camera feed and audio and can chat, set backgrounds or change the view of other participants.  There is a lot more functionality that comes with a standard Teams Webinar than can be achieved using Live Events.

Zoom Webinar

We currently hold one Zoom webinar license.  Teams webinar is our preferred platform, however in some circumstances Zoom webinars are more appropriate.  Please see the chart below to see the various options available with each platform.

Teams Live Events

Teams Live Events are an extension to Teams meetings which enable you to schedule and produce events to a large online audience.  It has the capacity to stream to 10,000 attendees.

There are two types of event:

  • Simple Teams – allows screen share and/or one camera to be visible to attendees.
  • Complex Live Event – allows different scenarios to be queued up e.g. various PowerPoints, pre-recorded videos but no live camera (unless the person on camera is also the producer or with the producer)

And there are also 3 different role types:


  • Starts and stops the stream
  • Shares video of various presenters
  • Shares an active desktop/audio or window


  • Presents screen/audio/video
  • Can moderate the Q&A


  • Is muted, has no video, can only watch the event and participate in the Q&A session.

Live Events can be made either

  • public i.e. open to anyone with no logging in or
  • private i.e. open to people only at the University of Huddersfield

We will automatically set the meeting to be viewable to the public unless specifically asked not to.

We have created a quick comparison chart of the different capabilities offered by each of our available platforms below.

In depth comparison chart


ActionTeams WebinarTeams Live EventZoom Webinar
Max no of webcams simultaneously / total possible 7 / 49 rollout July 2021 1 / 10 9 / 49
Chat/Polls/Q&A/Reactions Yes

Chat for main group

Q&A for participants

No poll 

No reactions                 

Screen sharing Presenters Producers and presenters Presenters
Breakout Rooms Yes No  Yes 
Ability for participants to register Yes No Yes
Max number of participants 1000 10,000 500 
Ability to mute all participants By default can be changed By default cannot be changed By default can be changed
Ability to turn off participants camera By default can be changed By default cannot be changed By default can be changed 
Ability to remove a participant Yes Not required Yes 
Record session  Yes Yes No 
Set background Yes  Yes Yes
Place attendees in waiting room Yes  Event only visible once made live. Yes 
Allow co-hosts No Producers and presenters Yes
Annotation Coming soon  No Yes 
Whiteboard Yes  No Yes 
Non verbal feedback Yes  via Q&A Yes
Customize waiting room Yes N/A Yes 
Spotlight/Pin presenter Yes  N/A Yes 
Meeting notes Yes  No No 
Allow/deny participant to skip through a presentation. Yes No Yes 
Live captioning Yes No No 
Live stream to Youtube/Facebook Not needed - use Stream  Yes  Yes 
Ability for presenter to use tablet/phone Yes - not advised  No Yes - not advised 



Teams is the University’s preferred application for video conferencing and as such all of our training resources have been concentrated on that.  Training for the University can be found at the Digital Skills & Training Sharepoint site

Information regarding the use of Teams, Live Events and Webinars can be found in HudHelp.

If you need help using Zoom then they have excellent resources on their website.

Book an online event

As Teams Webinars and Live Events have limited licenses, the booking of a these can only be done through CLS AV & Events.  Live Events are highly produced and have limited functionality compared to Teams and Zoom webinars, however if you are expecting a large number of attendees then this is the option for you.

We recommend that all people involved in a Live Event or Webinar have at least one trail run through prior to the actual event to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. 

Live Event and Webinar bookings can be requested through our online form on HudHelp.

Please make sure that your event is also placed on the University Events calendar.

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