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What is the difference between making a phone call and audio conferencing?

Please note that this service is not intended for use for day to day telephone calls. If this is what you wish to do, you should still use your landline phone. 

The guides below are aimed at assisting with bringing a telephone user into a video conference.  If you are having an audio conference with more than one person, you should contact Telephone Services.

Set up your audio device

First things first: set up your audio device and check the quality. You can use your computer’s mic and speakers or plug in a headset with a mic.

1.Click Select Your Primary Device in the lower-left corner of the main Skype for Business window.
2.Click Audio Device Settings.
3.Pick your device from the Audio Device menu.
     Click the green arrow next to speaker to hear and adjust the volume using the slider.
     Speak into the microphone and you should see a blue line move across a grey box under microphone, adjust the volume using the slider.


Start a call

If you want to make a phone call right now with just one other person ...
1.Hover on a contact’s picture until the quick menu appears.
2.Click the small arrow next to the Phone button.
3.From the options that appear, select "Skype call"
S4B Start a call


Start a conference call

If you want to make a call with more than one person without scheduling a meeting in the future ...
  1. In your Contacts list,  select multiple contacts by holding the Ctrl key,
    and clicking the names.
  2. Right-click any of the selected names, then click Start a Conference Call.
  3. Click Skype Call.
S4B Conference call

Answer a call

‌When someone calls you, an alert pops up in the lower-right of your screen.

•To answer the call, click anywhere on the photo area.
•To reject the call, click Ignore.
•To start an instant messaging (IM) conversation with the caller instead of an audio call, click Options, and then Reply by IM.
•To reject the call and other calls, until you change your status click Options, and then Set to Do not Disturb.
S4B Answer a call

Invite more people to a call

Sometimes you are in a call and just need to bring someone else into the call to provide a bit of information ...
‌1.In the Meeting pane, click S4B Add person .
2.Select or multi-select (Ctrl-click) from your contacts, or type someone’s name or phone number in the Search field, then select them from the results. Click OK.

Your new invitees receive a request to join your call. 

Add audio to an IM conversation

Ever been typing a question and realised that it would be quicker and easier to just give them a call?

In the conversation window, click the arrow next to the Phone icon and:

to contact a colleague on their landline: from the options provided select "Skype Call" or, 

to contact somebody on a landline phone, remember to dial the full phone number of the person that you want to reach — including the country code and the ‘+’ symbol (e.g. if calling AV support you would dial +441484473745).  Remember that mobile phones cannot be contacted from within Skype for Business (see Skype for Business and phones).

S4B add audio

Use audio call controls - hold, transfer, mute

‌During a call, you can transfer, hold, or hangup. 

To do this click on the 'phone and cog' icon and then point to the buttons to do the following:

•To put the call on hold, click the Hold button.
•To mute your audio, click the Mic button in the conversation window.
•If call transferring is available for your account, click the Transfer button, and select the number you want.
•To hang up, click the Phone button in the conversation window
S4B audio controls
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