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AverVision usage instructions

‌The visualiser can be used in a variety of ways to project onto a screen; from a sheet of paper or acetate, from a laptop or from an SD card.

Anything can be projected from the visualiser, printed sheets, hand written sheets and even objects. 

The PC does not have to be logged on to use the visualiser, however it will need to be turned on to lecture capture the session.

Aver visualiser

  1. Touch the touchpanel on the lectern to start the AV system.
  2. Switch the visualiser on.  When ON the button will glow blue.
  3. On the touchpanel press the visualiser option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Place the item or sheet to project; text side up onto the visualiser bed.
  5. Press the visualiser light button to get a clearer image on screen if required.
  6. The touchpanel will display the options to adjust the brightness, zoom or use the autofocus.
  7. To switch the Visualiser OFF press the button
  8. If you wish to switch back to the PC, press the PC option at the bottom of the touchpanel.

For more indepth instructions, please consult the Operating Manual

Using AverVision alongside Powerpoint

  • On the lectern’s touchpanel display select PC input along the bottom row.
  • Open the Sphere2 software.  This can be found in the AverVision folder in the Program listing, alternatively you can use search to find Sphere2.
  • If you wish to have a slideshow side-by-side with the visualiser, minimize the size of the window and move it to one side of your screen and then open Powerpoint and place the minimised window at the opposite side of the screen.
  • Select the Visualizer option at the top of the window to show items under the doc cam.


  • Click on the image of a lectern at the bottom of the window and two additional options will appear:
  • Spotlight will allow you to focus on a particular part of the screen. This can be dragged around, resized or shape changed.
  • Reveal will allow you to have a ‘shutter’ revealing the screen from the top, bottom or either side.  Grab the edge of the grey covering and drag it across your screen to reveal.
  • The drawing icon at the bottom of the screen will allow you to annotate over the camera image.
  • Select the Whiteboard option at the top of the window if you wish to use this functionality.  The drawing items can be found at the bottom of the window.

You can easily zoom in and out of an image using the wheel on the visualizer.  To return to the default Autofocus click on the Return button in the centre of the wheel.


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