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Using WePresent - for Class Moderator

Ensure that the “WePresent” option is selected on the touchscreen AV controller.

On the PC, open a web browser and type in the IP address shown on the screen e.g.

WePresent Start  Click on Conference Control

Type “moderator” (default password) in the Password box and click Login.

Ensure “Allow control from this page only” is ticked so that you control what is shown on the screen.

As students successfully log in to the WePresent box, you will see their screen name appear in the list.

 WePresent Conf Control

If you wish the student to be the sole presenter, select the left hand option

If you wish to have more than one student presenting simultaneously, then select one of the numbered options.  They will appear on the screen in this layout:





You can have no more than 4 students projecting simultaneously although you can have up to 250 connected to the device.

If you wish to stop any student presenting, press the red button next to their name.

When the class has finished, please logout of WePresent, select PC on the AV control panel and shutdown the AV equipment.

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