Windows 10 Help



Logging out of your computer

To log off your pc, go to the start menu

Select the Digital Workspace icon and choose sign out

Shutting down your computer

To shutdown your pc, go to the start menu
Choose the power option
Select shut down

Working with Multiple Desktops

Using multiple desktops

To use multiple desktops click on the Task View button at the bottom of the screen or press the windows key and CTRL and D to make a new desktop

Deleting a multiple desktop

To delete a desktop, press the Task View button again and then press the “X” on the desktop you wish to delete.
Alternatively, switch to the desktop you wish to delete and press the windows key and ctrl and F4

Cycling through open desktops

To cycle through desktops, press the Windows Key and the left or right arrows
To move a file or application from one desktop to another, press the Task View button and right click the file or program and press Move To

Changing Settings

To change settings for multiple desktops, go to Start > Settings > System > Multitasking

Hints and Tips for using Windows 10

To snap the window or file around the screen press the Windows key plus the arrows keys to move it around e.g.
Windows key + UP to maximise etc.
Select the file or document and shake the bar to minimise everything apart from the selected file or document
To pin apps, go to the start menu, right click the app you wish to pin and press pin to taskbar and start menu

Further help

Videos and helpsheets for the above are available on UniLearn