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University of Huddersfield data storage infrastructure refresh Questions and Answers

Computing and Library Services (CLS) normally refresh the University’s data storage hardware on a 5 year cycle to keep up with the latest technologies and features and to ensure that the University has sufficient capacity for its needs.

CLS have worked through an extensive tendering process, evaluating the options in the market and have finally purchased a solution from Dell.  The new solution fulfils the University’s current needs while permitting sufficient expansion to accommodate future requirements.

Some of the benefits of the new solution will be:

  • Increased storage quotas for individuals and teams
  • Faster access to data.
  • Improved data protection
  • Greater expansion capabilities to accommodate future storage demands of the University.
  • Faster computer account provision

The data migration was completed September 2014.

I’ve lost my S: (ASIS) drive mapping or the mapping shows, but does not work.

Right click the drive mapping and select disconnect, logout and log back in again.  If other drive mappings are also not working then, please repeat the above.  Contact IT Support if issues persist.


My shortcut link does not work.

We have changed the data storage from uter to nas01 and from stampy to nas02.  If your shortcut is pointing to either uter or stampy then this will need to be changed to nas01 or nas02 respectively.  The rest of the path should not change.

Example \\uter\myshare\myfile  will become \\nas01\myshare\myfile.

Contact IT Support if issues persist


My application has stopped working since migration of the data to the new storage.

You are likely to have a path in your application that points to the old data.  Each application will be different and will require the reference to Uter and stampy to be found and changed to nas01 or nas02.  Please contact the person who supports your application or IT support for further assistance.


I do not get any drive mappings, they all show an ‘x’ in the drive mappings in my computer.

Right click each drive mapping and select the disconnect option.  Restart your machine and log back in.  Contact IT Support if issues persist.


My Quota always shows as red.

There is a bug in the way the individual quota is showed for a user.  This issue is being addressed with our storage partner, Dell.  If you look at the value free, this is the amount of storage you have left as part of your quota.

If I have further questions who should I contact?

If you have further questions before your data is migrated, please address these to the storage project team at

Following migration of data, please address any issues or problems to either your local School / Service technical staff or contact CLS IT Support on Ext 3737 or email

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