Storage of installation copies of software

Each copy of software that is stored on University computers must be licensed. Most software licences fall into one of four categories;

  • freely-distributable (e.g. Acrobat Reader)
  • site licensed (e.g. SPSS)
  • Microsoft Campus Agreement (e.g. Microsoft Office)
  • individually licensed (e.g. Macromedia Dreamweaver).

For convenience, support staff have often stored installation copies of software on servers from which installations can take place once the purchasing formalities have been completed.

This practice, however, should only be used for software which is freely-distributable, site-licensed, comes under the Microsoft Campus agreement or whose licence specifically permits it.

All other software should be installed only from removable media, such as a CD.


Only freely-distributable, site-licensed, Microsoft Campus or software which is specifically permitted under the terms of its licence, should be stored on a server for installation purposes

Individually-licensed software should generally be purchased with installation media; if this has already been purchased with a previous copy of the software, the media can be used again to install subsequent licensed copies.

Microsoft software outside the Campus Agreement, such as Visio or Project (available via Microsoft Select), must have a separate licence purchased for each copy installed. An installation CD is available from Computing & Library Services, obtainable against a completed purchase request

Installation media for other software will not be available for loan from Computing & Library Services, nor will copies be downloadable from Computing & Library Services’ servers.

If you are unsure about the licence status of any item of software, you should not store installation copies on a server.