Local administrative rights on workstations

For Windows 7 only:

It is not common practise to give users administrative rights on their workstations. However in some instances this may be necessary, as outlined below:

  1. Admin rights may be needed to run a specific software package.  In this instance, it is acceptable to give the user local admin rights as long as it is understood that they do not try to install any additional software, or abuse these rights in any way.
  2. Some users such as school technicians legitimately need local admin rights in order to carry out their daily tasks. 
  3. Other users should follow the special cases procedure below.

Special cases procedure

  • The user should contact their School IT Support if applicable, otherwise contact CLS IT Support.
  • The user should sign the 'PC local administrative rights agreement form' which can be supplied by CLS IT Support. This states that the user takes full responsibility for the operational state of the software on the machine and the user agrees that if it should malfunction, C&LS would restore the machine to the base level image as defined by the Staff Standard Desktop along with any Category 2 packages they may require. Any other packages (Category 3) will have to be restored by either the technicians responsible for that areas or the user themselves.
  • To give the user admin rights on their PC, the user should be made a member of the local administrators group on that machine. Please do not give the user the standard administrator account or the password.
  • If a machine continually malfunctions as a result of giving a user local admin rights then Computing & Library Services reserves the right to review the situation