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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions Below

How do I access my mail off campus?

Accessing your email from off campus is very easy. You will need to open up your preferred internet browser and go to -

To sign in to your account you will need to type in your university email address and password in to the boxes provided and click sign in.

How do I forward my emails to an external account?

Forwarding all your email to an external account.

You will need to be logged into the web version of office 365 to begin forwarding your emails. To start, you will need to click on the settings cog icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.

This will bring up a side menu on the right hand side of your screen allowing you to change various settings. You will need to click on ‘Mail’ under ‘Your app settings’ to change your forwarding rules. This will bring up a second options menu but on the left hand side of your screen.


Next, click on forwarding under accounts.

Finally, enter the email address you wish to begin forwarding your emails to and click save to save your mail preferences.

Out-Of-Office Automatic Replies

If you are not able to read your email for a period of time you can set an out-of-office automatic reply to be sent to any mail you receive.

The first stage in setting an out-of-office reply is to click on the settings cog icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.

This will bring up a side menu on the right hand side of your screen allowing you to change various settings. You will need to click on ‘Mail’ under ‘Your app settings’ to change your automatic replies. This will bring up a second options menu but on the left hand side of your screen.

Next, click on automatic replies under automatic processing.

From here, you can choose to send automatic replies. If you choose to turn automatic replies on then you can specify the date and time range you wish the automatic replies to send for and you can also personalise the email you wish to be sent.


In addition to this you can chose whether or not you wish the automatic reply to be sent to external recipients.

Once you have selected all the correct settings you will need select the save button at the top of the page to save your settings.

How do I access my voicemail?

Does this mean I will be getting all the features of Office 365 such as OneDrive, WebApps etc?

No, we are only moving Email to Office 365 for now. We will be turning on the other features at some point, but you won't get these straight away as we need to do some housekeeping first.

All Undergraduates and PGRs are already on Office 365 and benefit from the many services of Office 365.

Adding or removing shared mailboxes in Outlook



(For Technical Staff) Things to look out for

Common Issues:

  • Please can you log all queries related to the Office 365 mail migration in topdesk. There is a specific category and sub-categories for Office365. This is important as it will give us an idea of trends and patterns allowing us to pick up and resolve issues more effectively. It will allow us to add and improve the FAQ’s.
  • The vast majority of the issues appear to be around the outlook profile and accessing shared mailboxes.
  • If staff experience any issues with their mailbox, the first thing to do is re-create their mail profile. Also ensure you delete any old mail profiles that may be lingering around on the pc.
  • The mail will be cached on the machines and depending on the size of the mailbox it can take a while for messages to be synced. The advice is to ask staff to be patient and often leaving things for a few hours is the best thing do to allow things to settle down. The same applies for shared mailboxes and mail will be cached on the machines.
  • If staff have used their university email address on other microsoft related services, then, as part of the mail profile creation there is usually a prompt asking if the account is a ‘work or personal account’. ‘Work’ needs to be selected. However, this prompt does not always appear or can take several reboots or repeating the process of deleting and recreating profiles before it appears. Please note in this situation email will only work properly until this ‘work’ option has been selected. This is a tricky one and is difficult for us to make any kind of predictions on as we don’t know which staff may have used their university email address elsewhere.
  • If email appears to be sitting or getting stuck in the outbox then delete and re-create the mail profile.
  • Shared mailboxes – the advice is to remove all shared mailboxes and then re-add using the preferred method of going to the file menu in outlook then add account (instructions can be found on the Office 365 FAQ website). This is the preferred method according to our systems team as any other method will cause issues with mail caching.
  • Some shared mailboxes are auto mapped and cannot be removed. However having discussed with our systems team they informed me this should be resolved by the start of the migrations for the schools and services. The plan is for these to be removed automatically and you will need to re-add them using the recommended file > add account method.
  • Some shared mailboxes may have issues with their user permissions as they could be missing user permissions of staff who previously had them. Please call IT Support who can check the permissions. For your information, permissions will now be managed through ad groups.
  • Shared mailboxes will also be prepped prior to the actual migration of the users mailbox. Staff could experience what appears to be an empty mailbox whilst the caching is taking place. Please remove and re-add the shared mailbox.  Some users may have set individual permission on folders within shared mailboxes. These permission will need to either be removed and\or re-added.
  • Shared mailboxes cannot now be opened independently. They need to be added as part of a user mail profile.  Accessing voicemail will also change. Instructions can be found on the Office 365 FAQ website.
  • Accessing mail on unidesktop is now only available via the web client. The full client is not available on unidesktop due to caching issues.  When logging into email externally via the web, for some users it is capitalising the email address and not allowing the users to login. Access via unidesktop works fine.
  • There has been a change to the way email Distribution Lists are managed under Office365. The DL manager cannot now add\amend\remove users to the DL. This can only be done by the Schools Technicians or Computing Services 1st Line\2nd Line staff. A method to allow the DL managers to add\amend\remove users is currently being investigated.




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