Your University Computer

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Staff computers are provided by each School or Service for their staff.  Generally they run the Staff Standard Desktop, providing a set of widely-used software, set up in a standard way. 

The latest standard staff desktops are using Windows 10, Office 2016 and other supported software that is covered by campus-wide licences.  A full list of software is included in the definition of the Standard Staff Desktop.

Can software be updated, or more added?

If your PC is running older software versions and you would like it updated, or if you require other licensed software to be installed, then ...

  • If you work in a School, then please contact your school IT technical staff.
  • If you work in a Service, then contact IT Support x3737 or email

If you wish to purchase new software (or a new PC or printer), then this is done via your School or Service's IT technical or finance staff. Some software is already licensed by Campus-wide software licences which means there will be no cost involved. 

What happens if I have a problem?

Help is available for problems with University computers and printers.

System updates

It is important that the computers on campus are protected from internet-based viruses and other threats and so you will receive regular messages from us saying that your security software is being updated.

Disposal of old computing equipment

There are regulations to be complied with when any equipment with electrical components has reached the end of its working life.  IT Support x3737 (email ) will advise you on the current University disposal arrangements.