Desktop Software Update, Security Upgrades and Patches

 Computing and Library Services automatically update campus PCs running Windows 7 and Windows XP with critical security updates.

Approved updates are installed in the background without the need for user intervention. 

Updates are not always required on all machines, so don't worry if you don't receive updates when a colleague does.

Please remember it is important to shut down your PC when you leave work, and not leave it on overnight or over the weekend. This is of particular importance for the automatic update procedure to function efficiently.

The updates will install automatically and then you will receive the following message:

 "Your updates have been installed successfully.  To complete the installation you must restart your computer.  Do you want to restart your computer now?"  

Make sure to save your work before clicking OK to restart.

These approved updates are important for protecting campus PCs against known problems, and are usually deployed each month.