Standard Staff Desktop

Standard Staff Desktop

Digital Workspace and Software

 New computers are setup with a standard set of software, common to all Digital Workspace computers.  By making all computers the same, we make them easier and quicker to support.  By eliminating unnecessary variations, we improve the support you receive, which makes more effective use of everyone’s time.  From 2017, all Staff or Student computers will receive computers new or re-imaged PCs with the Digital Workspace experience – this is using Microsoft Windows 10.  If you require software that is not available on your PC, then please contact your normal IT Support person.

What software is supported?

The Digital Workspace desktop comprises software packages to enable staff to carry out the core business and academic activities of the University.  In order to clarify what can and cannot be supported by Computing Services, we have organised the software into two categories shown below.

 Category 1 software:

Software that is included in the standard image, approved by Computing Services and for which there is a campus-wide licence.  Software can also be installed by using your schools or Service normal IT Support Person.  This software is readily available using the University’s current software deployment methodology.

 Category 2 software:

Applications that are potentially damaging to the University's business.  Software in this category should not be loaded onto computers. In exceptional circumstances, such software may be used under controlled conditions by prior agreement with Computing Services.

Does the Digital Workspace desktop mean a better service?

 We want, and intend, to maintain a high quality of support, and that can only be achieved by clarifying what we can do.  This is why we have used the Digital Workspace experience Approach.

We believe that support would suffer if Computing Services was to be asked to support every piece of software installed by its users: as a Service we cannot support every piece of software on the market.  Staff need to have a clear idea what is supported and what isn't, to better inform software selection.


 If you have any comments on the implementation and use of Windows 10 or the Digital Workspace experience, please contact Jon Hall, Digital Workspace Manager in Computing Services.