Windows version

Windows 7

Windows 7 comes in a number of different versions.  In the University, the 'Professional' and 'Enterprise' versions are used.

There are also 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  The 64-bit versions allow the additional features of the latest hardware and software designs to be fully exploited.  Some software will not work on both versions - in particular, high-end design software may require the 64-bit version.

Windows 7 on the Standard Desktop

The standard desktops for both staff and students are based on the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional.  

Windows 7 on laptops

Laptops are usually purchased with Windows 7 pre-installed. Note that the Home versions of Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit, are not able to connect to the University's Active Directory system, so if this is a requirement, Windows Professional is the required version.

Windows 8

Windows 8 and Office 2013 will not be used on the standard staff and student desktops for 2013/14. The decision has been taken to ensure that all our customers get the best experience possible from the University of Huddersfield desktop. We are continuing to research into Windows 8 and Office 2013 and will migrate once we are happy that these meet our standards.


If you have any comments on the implementation and use of Windows  at the University, please contact Alistair Reid-Pearson ,2nd Line IT Support Manager in Computing Services.