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We all must play a role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

Please familiarise yourself the Universities Covid-19 page: Covid-19

We have also answered some of our frequently asked questions:

Are my course related vaccination / blood test clinics still going ahead?

Yes, we are still operating clinics on campus. We have relocated temporarily to provide this service safely.

If you have been made an appointment you will have further information in your appointment notification email. 

If you have any queries please contact us by email: 


Can I get the Covid vaccine through Occupational Health?

The Covid vaccine is not a requirement of your course at present. We do not hold a stock of the vaccine. 

You may be offered the vaccine through your GP / practise, this is seperate to us. Details of the vaccine can be found here: nhs link 


I have recently had the Covid vaccine elsewhere, can I still attend for my vaccinations?

If you have had the vaccine or are due to have the vaccine we may need to rearrange your appointment.

Advise is that you should avoid any other vaccines 7 days before and after the Covid vaccine. 

If your appointment falls within this time period please contact us.

Depending on what your appointment is for we may need to rearrange this for you. 

If your appointment is for a blood test we will not need to rearrange this.

If you are unsure please get in touch by


What measures will be in place at the Occupational Health clinic for my safety?

You will be required to wear a face mask / face covering during your appointment. 

All our staff will be wearing face masks and clinical staff will be wearing clinical PPE.

You will be asked to sanitise your hand upon arrival.

You will be asked to adhere to social distancing through campus as well as in the clinical space.

The clinical area will be cleaned after each use and clinical PPE will be removed and replaced between each client. 

We may ask to check your temperature.

If you have any questions please feel free to email

If you have a query regarding Occupational Health please get in touch with us by email:



School of Human Health Sciences

The Occupational Health Service covers healthcare students on the following courses:

Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Operating Department Practitioner, Physiotherapy, Podiatry Full and Part Time.

What services do we provide to these students?

Pre training health clearance 

Vaccinations and blood tests as advised by the Department of Health

Referrals from academic staff 

Self referrals  

Pre training health clearance

All prospective students for the detailed health care courses are required to undergo a pre training health assessment. 

You will recieve a link to your online health assessment, please ensure you complete this as soon as possible and include as much detail as possible in order to avoid any delays in your health clearance. 

Once submitted this will be processed by the Occupational Health team.   Should there be any need for follow up assessment we will contact you using the details provided in your submitted health questionnaire. Clearance will be sent to the School of Human and Health Admissions team.  If there are any recommendations relating to health to assist you with your studies or with placement activities these will be discussed with you prior to releasing recommendations to your school/service contact.

All Healthcare students are required to send an up to date vaccination record into occupational health. You can obtain this via your GP or previous Occupational Health department.

Most GP's will print this information out for you however if you would prefer you can use this Vaccination Record Form to request this information. Please send the information into

Useful Information

Protect Yourself - Student Information 

Protect Yourself - EPP Student Information

HEP B Information Leaflet

HEP B Information Leaflet EPP

MMR Leaflet

Skincare Leaflet for Healthcare Students

If you have any queries about your health clearance please contact the Occupational Health Department

Vaccinations & Blood tests

All students studying on the healthcare courses detailed above are required by The Department of Health to undergo certain tests / vaccinations if they do not have proof of their immunity. This will be done at the Occupational Health Department once you have commenced the course if you have not already had them elsewhere (GP or other occupational health provider).  This is both for the protection of the healthcare worker and the public.  These tests / vaccinations are as follows:

Tuberculosis (BCG)
If you do not have a scar on your upper arm and have never had the BCG vaccination or you do not have recorded evidence of immunity by a heaf, mantoux or tine test you will be required to have a mantoux test with us, if the test is negative you will be required to have the BCG vaccination.

Varicella Zoster (Chicken Pox)
If you have no history of chicken pox or shingles a blood test will determine whether two vaccinations are necessary.  These are followed by a further blood test to check for immunity.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella
You need to have two documented doses of the full Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination to be considered immune. If you have not had two doses of the MMR vaccination you will be sent a letter prior to commencing the course asking you to attend your GP surgery to have these done.

Hepatitis B
This vaccination is recommended for all healthcare workers in order to protect them from the Hepatitis B virus. Normally a course of three vaccinations followed by a blood test is sufficient to confirm immunity. Some people require a further dose and a blood test and a few need a repeat course.

Further detailed information about each of the vaccination requirements detailed above can be found in the Green Book  

Health care students may also be offered the influenza vaccine by their GP practice if they fit specific criteria or by their placement providers.  It is not provided by the Occupational Health Department.  We do not provide any other vaccinations e.g. for travel - for this you should check with your GP.

Exposure Prone Procedure Clearance (applies to Operating Department Practitioner Paramedic Science and Midwifery students only). 

In addition to vaccination requirements detailed these students are required under Department of Health Guidelines to undergo some additional tests before they are allowed to go into clinical practice.  For students on either of these courses an initial blood test to exclude the following infections is mandatory:

Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV

If you are concerned about having any of the above tests or vaccinations carried out please contact the Occupational Health Department to speak to one of the Occupational Health nurses in confidence.

Department of Health guidance for healthcare workers: Health clearance for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV: New healthcare workers

‌Occupational Health Clinics

Your appointments with Occupational Health are a requirement of your course  you are required by The Department of Health to undergo certain tests / vaccinations.

Upon clearance of your course you will recieve your first appointment with Occupational via email and sms.

You will be expected to attend for vaccinations/blood test appointments required in clinics arranged between occupational health and your course leaders.

The specific dates and times are often requested during a break in your timetable and when you are not expected to be in a lecture.

Appointments which are not attended by students results in valuable clinical time and resource being wasted and therefore we expect students to attend for their allocated appointment time.

The occupational health department require 48 hours notice to cancel & rearrange your appointment, this allows us to offer appointment to other students.

If you fail to provide at least 48 hours notice or do not attend your appointment you may incur a charge. You will recieve a new appointment by email and sms.

If you continue to not provide 48 hours notice of attend your future appointments you will made non-compliant which will result in you being removed from placement.

Please ensure that you keep all of your details including you address and contact telephone number up to date and notify the occupational health department directly of any changes. 

Occupational Health Contact Information


This short video provides you with further details of what vaccinations / blood tests you will require as well as an opportunity to meet the team.  Click here for the video.

Academic Staff referrals of students to Occupational Health

If a student has a health problem that is affecting their studies either academically or in placement a member of the academic staff is advised to refer the student to occupational health for advice on further support.  Occupational Health provides support and advice in the following areas:

  • Adjustments to help individuals whilst studying at the University and whilst on placement.
  • Advice on where to obtain further help and support.

Guidelines for completing human and health student referral form for academic staff.

Occupational Health School of Human & Health student referral form                

Student self referral to Occupational Health

If a student has a health concern that they feel they cannot discuss with a member of the academic staff they can refer themselves to the Occupational Health Department

Further help and support

The University of Huddersfield Student Wellbeing Team provide several forms of assistance to students. These include counselling and 'back on track' assistance as well as support and adjustments for disabilities affecting individual studies.  Where placement advice related to disabilities is required for teaching related courses this comes under the remit of the Occupational Health team.

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