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The Occupational Health service to the School of Education and Professional Development involves pre-training and ongoing health assessments for students studying on teaching and youth & community courses. 

Guidelines provided by the Department of Education highlight that 'Teachers and those training to become teachers need a high standard of physical and mental health to enter or remain in the teaching profession'. We follow the guidelines detailed in Fitness to Teach (Department of Education 2007) and in the Equality Act 2010.

Occupational Health Contact Information

What services do we provide?

Pre training health screening  All students applying for teaching training courses are required under the Fitness to Teach guidelines to have a high standard of physical and mental health.  All of these students pre-training will receive a link to complete their health clearance questionnaire supplied by the School of Education and Professional Development.  This is returned electronically and in confidence to the Occupational Heatlh Department and is assessed by the clinical staff.  Should there be any need for follow up assessment, the prospective student is contacted by Occupational Health.  When clearance is issued this is provided to the course contact in the School of Education and Professional Development.  If there are any additional recommendations relating to health to assist the student with their studies or with placement activities these are discussed with the student prior to release to the School of Education and Professional Development.  

In training referrals to the Occupational Health Department

If a student has a health problem that is affecting their studies either academically or in placement then a member of the academic staff is recommended to refer the student to occupational health for advice on further support.  Please use the link to complete the School of Education Student Referral form for use by academic staff.

Self referrals to occupational health.  If the student has a health concern that they feel they cannot discuss with a member of the academic staff they can refer themselves to the Occupational Health Department.

Further help and support

Student Services at the University of Huddersfield provide several forms of assistance to students These include counselling and 'back on track' assistance as well as support and adjustments for disabilities affecting individual studies.  Where placement advice related to disabilities is required for teaching related courses this comes under the remit of the Occupational Health Department

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