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Occupational Health Annual Step Challenge - September 2020

Now that Lockdown restrictions have eased a little, the Occupational Health Department will be running their annual ‘Step Challenge’ during September.  Take part in our challenge to help increase the amount of physical activity you do on a daily basis. 

Between Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 30th September 2020, teams of between 2 and 6 people can compete.  Any type of pedometer or step recording software can be used to record your steps but you will have to provide this yourself.

There will be multiple chances to win. 

There will be prizes for: the Overall Winners and the Best Team Name.

During the month of September, your team will compete to record as many steps as they can.

At the end of the month, we will calculate the average number of steps completed by each member of the team, and the team with the highest average number of steps will win.  So, if you are in a team of 2 we will divide your total number of steps by 2, if you are in a team of 3 we will divide the total number of steps by 3 and so on.  The team with the highest average number of steps will be the ‘Overall Winners’. 

If you would like to compete in this challenge, please follow the ‘steps’ below: 

  1. Get into a team of between 2 and 6 staff members. All staff are invited to take part and staff members do not need to work in the same school or service to form a team.
  2. Assign a team leader who will be responsible for recording each team member’s steps at the end of each week of the challenge.
  3. Decide on a team name. Remember there is a prize for the best team name so be inventive and original (don’t just google)!
  4. Complete the Step Challenge Registration Form and return by 4pm on Friday 21st August to 
  5. We will then send you a ‘Challenge Step Recording Form’ which you will use to record the steps for each of your team members during the challenge.
  6. Remember to be safe and follow government guidelines on social distancing whilst getting your steps in.
  7. The team leader will need to return their teams fully completed ‘Step Challenge Recording Form’ to by 4pm on Friday 9th October 2020.

Once you have registered, we will send you reminders when you have to do everything, so you won’t have to remember dates and you won’t have to calculate anything yourself.  So get a team together and sign yourself up to get active and for the chance to win!

Good luck to all those taking part!

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