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Cutest Staff Pet Competition

April is National Pet Month.  Our pets have likely been playing an even bigger part in our lives this month due to us all spending much more time at home with them.  Many of us have already been introduced to our colleagues’ furry (or not so furry) friends during Zoom meetings!  So, to celebrate National Pet Month, the People and Organisational Development Team and the Occupational Health Team are running a Cutest Staff Pet Competition. 

And the winners are (drum roll please)...

Cutest Cat Winner

Samson - Laura Woods (Library)

Samson is an 11(ish) year old rescue cat, who has blossomed in confidence from the scared wee boy who hid behind our bookshelves when we brought him home from the shelter five years ago! Samson likes: snoozing, staring moodily into the distance, and being told how handsome he is. Dislikes: rustly plastic bags, humans who won’t share their food with him, and other cats in his garden.



 Cutest Dog Winner


Motley - Kate Addinall (Computing and Engineering)

Motley is a rescue dog from an Irish puppy farm. He was adopted previously but the owners brought him back to dog's trust, and a week later he found Kate and her family! As you can see from the photos, Motley is a very sweet dog. His favourite pastimes include making friends with spiders, finding the best sunny spot for a nap and following his favourite humans around in case there is any food.


Cutest Miscellaneous Animal Winner

Drogon - David Bray (Computing and Engineering)

Drogon is a Pogonas, more commonly known as a Bearded Dragon. He is living with David and family now having been furloughed from his previous home in a school. He is around 2 years old and despite being blind in one eye, he still loves to chase around after crickets whenever he gets the chance. While not being cute and definitely not cuddly to most other animals, to another Beardie he is a very handsome lizard.


You can see all of the other gorgeous entries below...



Bella - Bianca Sykes-Muskett (Occupational Health)

Bella only has three legs (she got shot on the mean streets of manchester before being rescued by the RSPCA!), but she doesn't let that stop her living life to the full.  Her favourite activities are joining in with Pilates and peeking at people when they are in the bath!  Bianca has tried gently to explain to her that she can't really win because Bianca is one of the judges but she is still feeling confident. 



Jasper - Kate McGuinn (Library)

Jasper is seen here relaxing after a long day and also 'helping' Kate's daughter with her homework!



Beady and Daisy - Kirsty Carver (Library)



Mittens - Heather Lee (Human and Health Sciences)

Mittens was rescued from Yorkshire Cat Rescue after her mum was found injured whilst pregnant.  She is a sweet cat who loves company and she has been taking it in turns to sit on the family's computers during Zoom meetings whilst they have all been working at home.  Last week, she emailed one of Heather's husband's A level English students to say, "9999999999999999oooooooooo" when she sat on his keyboard and then pressed enter with her bum!



Freddie - Natasha Berry (Professional Services)

Freddie is a Scottish Fold born without the folded ears.  His favourite activities are hanging upside down from the bannisters, going into the neighbour’s house to sit on their bedroom pillows and playing fetch.  Natasha is missing him at the moment as he has had to move to a cattery whilst Natasha has moved back home, but he will be treated immensely when Natasha gets him back to their Yorkshire home!



Ralph - Natalie Plows (Human Resources)

Ralph is 7 and came to Natalie when he was 8 weeks old.  He is an incredibly affectionate cat who loves to sit on your lap (on his own terms you take your life in your hands if you try to pick him up!). His hobbies include sitting in sinks (see pic), flicking items off high surfaces and more recently making regular appearances during Zoom meetings!



Cosmo - Shona Cubbon (Computing and Library Services)

Cosmo who has planted himself in the space usually reserved for seasonal flora! During these restrictive times and being unable to purchase said flora, the ginger sun lover is the next best thing. Cosmo is a real home body and waits for Shona on the drive normally at home time, of course at the moment he is able to keep an eye on her from his favoured sunbathing spots in the garden, barely having to lift a paw in his search for contentment!



Dexter, Penelope and Kiki - Hayley Gledhill (Human and Health Sciences)

Dexter is a bit of a scaredy cat, very cautious and prefers to be on his own most of the time.  But he has his own way of showing affection. He has a night time routine after his supper. He waits for Hayley and family to finish getting ready for bed and then jumps up onto them, purring and wanting attention.  He is the most well behaved out of the three! Penelope's full name is Penelope Chainsaw, because when we got her, we noticed her purr was so loud and aggressive it sounded like a chainsaw!  Hayley cannot imagine life without her, despite the fact that she is a little trouble maker, the most hyperactive and curious of the three!  She is also Hayley's shadow, she can’t go anywhere in the house without turning round to find her somewhere close by! Kiki definitely has the naughty tortie attitude. She likes to annoy Hayley and family until they get up to give her breakfast (eating is her favourite past time, can relate.) If there is food around, she will want it!  She is incredibly affectionate and adores being kissed and cuddled.



Jaffa - Michaela Booth (Catering Services)

Jaffa doesn’t like his picture being taken and doesn’t like the fact the humans are in the house a lot!! He is sulking in his bed.... 



Hettie and Smudge - Machala Sentance (Huddersfield Business School) 

Hettie was rescued from an RSPCA foster home, she is loving and likes nothing more than sitting on your lap and having lots of fuss – she is a real lady and often loses her food to Smudge.  I think with that the look on her face she is still trying to work out Zoom!

Smudge is also from the RSPCA, he was the last of the litter to be re-homed and is very sly and intelligent.  He knows exactly what to do to get his own way and loves finding somewhere warm and comfy to sleep after catching lots of mice or helping with lots of spreadsheets!



Dolly and Boo Boo - Vikki Hart (None in Three Centre)  

Boo Boo is a ten month old rescue cat from Huddersfield Feral and Strays. When she isn’t tormenting her older sister, Dolly, she loves eating (anything), chasing pencils around the floor, batting water from the bathroom taps, hiding under blankets and jumping into cardboard boxes. Her favourite past time however, is yoga with accompanying big stretches and very often snoring!

Dolly is a 2 ½ year old rescue cat from Huddersfield Feral and Strays.  She loves finding soft places to sleep, playing hide and seek with her sister Boo Boo, getting inside carrier bags, and swishing around ankles when she’s ready to be fed.



Rocco - Sarah Khan (School of Applied Sciences)

This is Rocco in all his glory, showing everyone who is really boss!



Gizmo and Smartie - Clare Funnell (Human and Health Sciences)

Gizmo and Smartie they both think it’s puuurrrrfect that their mum is home right now. Smartie has been providing warmth in the form of being a scarf wrapped around Clare's neck and Gizmo sits on her keyboard and makes regular appearances during team zoom meetings.



Agapanthus and Olympus - Helen Jones (SEPD)

Here are sister and brother looking very cute!


Chilli and Luna - Ashley Cusack (Computing and Engineering)

Chilli and Luna were both adopted from the local charity Huddersfield Feral and Strays. Chilli is almost 4 and Luna is 1 on Thursday 30th. They are loving having Ashley and family at home all the time, and regularly interrupt meetings, walking across the desk with their tails in the air. Luna has only recently started going outside and seems to have attracted half the neighbourhood male strays back to our garden. They keep Ashley busy!



Malibu - Charlotte Bartley (Marketing)

This is Malibu (known as Mali), Charlotte's fluffy 14 year old rescue cat who they adopted from the RSPCA when he was just 10 months old. He is inseparable from his big “little brother hooman” Louis, age 11. As he’s getting on a bit now, he’s not as fast on his feet anymore and has arthritis and diabetes but he is a constant purr machine that brings Charlotte and family lots of love and cuddles!



Seal - Melanie Bissett (Human and Health Sciences)

Seal is a 9 year old Burmese who Melanie adopted from a cat rescue centre approximately 6 years ago.  He was originally called Graham but Melanie changed his name as she thought he looked like a young seal pup!  He is very affectionate and very vocal. Seal loves lazing in the sun, eating and sleeping – even when we’re not in lockdown!



Rose and Esme - Natalie Gibson (The Law School)

This is Rosie (grey and white) and Esme (tortie). They are nearly 3 years old and are indoor cats. Natalie and her family adopted them from the RSPCA in Halifax when they were a few weeks old. They make an occasional appearance on Zoom and are usually always sat together.



Roxxi and Hector - Gillian Mooney (Professional Services)

Hector is a big chunky boy of around 11 years, who since being rescued from life as a stray, has really thrown himself into living the good life. He loves: Food,  belly rubs, food, cuddling up to radiators, food, and being told he’s handsome. He hates: Diets. He’s hugely affectionate and has a purr that registers on the Richter Scale.

Roxxi is a petit lady of about 10 who came to live with Gillian when her owner, a friend of Gillian's, died three years ago. She loves: laying on people and going to sleep when they are just about to get up, getting under the duvet for a cuddle in the morning, and yelling for food from the top of her cat tree. She hates: when the heating is turned off. She’s an absolute sweetheart and always wants to be around Gillian and family.





Ally, Sam and Luna - Andrew Strike (Library)

Ally (left), Luna (right) are sisters aged 14, keeping an eye on their younger brother Sam (middle). All three are rescue cats. Ally’s the boss, Sam causes the most trouble and Luna makes the most noise.




Hocus and Pocus - Carley Turner (Human and Health Sciences)

These sisters were born in a park and rescued at 8 weeks old, where they then spent the next three months of their lives in a cat rescue home…nobody took interest in them because they were so shy and scared of people! Now they are 3 years old, and are utterly shameless when it comes to food (hence the photos of them licking their chops). Pocus loves being carried down the stairs in the morning, and Hocus loves settling down on you at the exact moment you wanted to get up and do something.




Izzy, Bean, Moo, Sidney, Dexter and Lulu - David Peebles (Human and Health Sciences)

Here's a very rare photo of six of David's nine cats sitting nicely together (getting them all to pose like this would be impossible).  Their names (clockwise from bottom left) are: Izzy, Bean, Moo, Sidney, Dexter and Lulu.




Taz, Savvy, Llama and Bear - Helen Casey (Applied Sciences)

Helen fosters cats and kittens with her local animal rescue and these 4 kittens from the same litter were rescued from a drain but are now doing great and have kept Helen very entertained in lockdown! 



Loki - Jasmine Powell (Applied Sciences)

Loki’s story begins as a feral kitten, born outside of the John Smith Stadium. He has now fully adapted to domesticated life as he will turn his nose up at any cat food brand that is not Purina and loves to spend his days napping on beds, chairs and window ledges. Inquisitive and bright but don’t be fooled by those sweet eyes – Loki is living up to his namesake as a Chief of Mischief! 




Ivy - Julie Rogers (Catering Services)

This is Julie's my cat Ivy , she will be 2 years old on the 11th May . She looks like an angel but can be a little devil too . She loves to play, eat, sleep, repeat .......  She loves to play out in the sunshine and hates bad weather. Julie feels blessed to have her in the family . 




Orion - Liz Travas (Computing and Engineering)

Orion is 9 years old and never answers to her name, she responds to “Monkey” or “What Is” more than her actual name. She’s scared of her own shadow and always approaches things with caution. When she’s not broken and thinking she’s a contortionist her favourite pastime is snuggling with her da-dad hooman where it’s safe but always has at least one eye open on the lookout for scary things approaching.




Leroy -Louise Pearson (Applied Sciences)

Leroy is 10 years old, with an abundance of character! He isn’t allowed to go out unless he is on his lead, as he gets himself into too much mischief otherwise! As you can see in the picture though, he is very happy on his lead. Whenever Leroy is particularly tired, he likes to sleep on his back with his mouth open, like in the other photo. What you can’t tell in the photo is that he is snoring really loud!




Stu - Beth Stanley (Human and Health Sciences)

This is Stu! He’s not actually Beth's pet, but he certainly seems to think he owns the whole street! ‘The cat of Birkby’ his owner calls him. He stalks the streets with his wide eyes... looking for a mark! He trots up to you and before you know it you’re snuggled up on the sofa with him wondering how this happened! His collar says i’ I have a loving home’ because the way he rattles on you’d think he’d never been fed haha. You can follow him on the Instagram @stu.adventures where his owner shares updates about the weird and wonderful places residents find him (usually with his nose in the fridge!).




Midget and Marley - Lindsey Smith (Financial Services)




Zizi - Adeem Fayyaz (International Office)

Adeem thinks Zizi is actually a dog in a cat’s body. She loves people, she’s full of energy, follows Adeem everywhere and loves licking her hands. She loves sitting inside empty cardboard boxes, carrier bags, bookcases and anywhere else she can fit. She’s a proper attention seeker who wants cuddles all the time.




Boofle - Claire Wilson (Human and Health Sciences) and Jonny Wilson (Art, Design and Architecture)

Boofle came to live with Claire and Jonny when he was two months old and he is now nine and a half years old. They rescued him from the RSPCA and he was the runt of the litter left to be picked last. As soon as they picked him up he clung on to them and they knew we had been chosen. Boofle loves sleeping, catnip toys, treats, his cat friend from next door (sometimes) and generally being spoilt. He does not love the noise of the bin truck and other cats sitting at his cat flap. Boofle is enjoying his humans working from home and has become a lot more affectionate.




Harley and Bailey - Claire Garlick (Library)

Harley is only 14 months old, and he’s a gentle giant. He eats everything in sight, twice as big as normal, but he’s healthy, just big boned! He’s so big, he tries his best to fit into my other older cats bed tents, but only half fits. Loves his pal Harley, he’s always cuddling him. He also loves gin during lockdown!

Harley is a Golden Persian scaredy cat! He is frightened of his own shadow, but a nice natured boy.




Marmalade - Francesca Pickard (iPoint)

Marmalade is around 13 years old and an amazing family cat! Francesca and family adopted him from the Halifax RSPCA 11 years ago but since lockdown he has had some health complications and not being his usual self so is receiving lots of TLC. Here he is looking out of the bedroom windows nosying and posing for photos! 




Ron - Katrina Fox (Music, Humanities and Media)

Katrina has had him for just over two years now and got him from Huddersfield Feral and Strays.  He was already named Ron for obvious reasons.  Katrina and family knew they had to have him once they saw his photo and a video of him playing. He has favourites in their house - the one who feeds him! Not shallow at all!




Cleo - Katrina Whitehead (Art, Design and Architecture)

This is Cleo who is a five year old British Black Shorthair, adopted from a neighbour when they moved house. Cleo suffers from Separation Anxiety and Fear of Missing Out, so consequently she is never far from Katina's side, always happy to help with any household chores and gardening and likes to get her up at 6am every day. 




Herbie - Timothy Oscroft (Marketing, Communications and Student Recruitment)

Herbie is around 10 years old, and keeps his human slaves on their toes by balancing bouts of frequent activity with long spells of sleep. His favourite activity is to wake his slaves at about 4am, loudly telling them all about his nocturnal activities before a bit of sleep followed by demanding food. He shows no signs of this myth about "pets are happier with humans at home".





Charlie - Oliver Dunne (2nd Line IT Services)

Charlie is a two and half year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was the runt of litter and has a unique all white colour as they usually have a lot of ginger markings. He is a very playful and loving dog, would go up to anyone.



Hank - Kayleigh Hopkins (School of Applied Sciences)

Hank is a Pekingese





Fluke and Milo - Natalie Plows (Human Resources) 

Fluke (French Bulldog) was a puppy when Natalie bought him, his name maybe unusual but it has very special meaning for the family which is a long story! He is 4 and a typical French bulldog, affectionate and friendly, he is an absolute clown and never fails to make you laugh and can be stubborn as anything when he wants to be. His hobbies include following you wherever you go to make sure you are not leaving him, staring intently at anything you may be eating in case you happen to accidently drop some and snoring VERY LOUDLY. 

Milo (Jack Russell) is 11 and has been Natalie's constant loyal companion through many of life’s challenges since he was 8 weeks old, he is currently loving life having Natalie home every day. He is getting on in years but that doesn’t stop him being absolutely fearless and like most terriers he makes up for his small size with tenacity and spirit.



Ted - Norton Ansell (Computing and Library Services) 

Ted is a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel. He likes to find things and then not hand them over, even though you don't want them. He gets dressed up by Ted's daughter sometimes too.




Biscuit - Steven Pike (Library)




Brian and Betty - Michaela Booth (Catering Services)

Brian is a Brown Bulgarian rescue who doesn’t like walking so has chewed all his new harnesses x 3 in the past 3 weeks.  He doesn’t like noise either so traffic is a problem, he does like shoes though and so Micheala and family have lost a few! 

Little Betty is now 7 a rescue from Leeds and likes home comfort and toast for breakfast. 



Blaze - Esta Bostock (School of Applied Sciences)

Blaze is a Labradoodle who is 7 years old.  Blaze is a very loyal and lovable dog to his family but is very shy with strangers.  Blaze has a huge mischievous side to him which normally ends with his human chasing him round the garden which he really enjoys and he loves nothing better than to spend time with his best bud normally after they have had a mad catch up and worn each other out.  



Isla - David Bray (Computing and Engineering)

Isla is a West Highland White terrier who turns 8 in a couple of weeks’ time. Not really a show dog type, more of a ‘out in the woods getting muddy’ type, she is really enjoying the fact that all dog grooming parlours have closed for now. This means that she gets to let her fur grow long and doesn’t worry about her appearance as she only goes out of the garden for exercise when most other dogs owners are still asleep. This photo was taken this weekend at Newmillerdam.




Joey - Laura Gibbons (International Office)

Joey is a retired ex racing dog who won 16 races in a previous life. He came to Laura whenshe was volunteering for a local animal rescue charity; she took him out for a walk and a few days later he came home with her! He is now a much loved family pet who enjoys nothing more in his retirement than relaxing at home.



Poppy - Liz Dobson (Music Technology)

Poppy is a sassy lassie, but a sucker for a tennis ball. Loves having her ears scratched, and a game of fetch! Dog simply doesn’t get more dog than Poppy and she keeps our blood pressure down and spirits up during the lockdown.



Baxter - Shona Cubbon (Computer and library Services)

Baxter is a 9 year old Spaniel, a complete fruit loop who loves nothing more than bouncing through the fields, meeting and greeting all who cross his path as he has no concept of social distancing! Whilst currently loving all the extra attention and walks, what he really wants is for Shona and family to disappear in the afternoon for him to catch up on his 40+ winks! A very loveable rogue who can melt you in a second with a tip of his head and big brown eyes, he gets more treats than is good for him and Shona's hubby is unable to say no!



Pepsi - Cara Bebbington (School of Education)

A sass-master of a poodle, Pepsi, as pictured in the images to represent just some of her many different personality traits (1) “The service here is terrible…”  (2) “What do you want? It can’t be that important, surely.”  (3) “Zzz…”  (4) “You’re not going to ask me to move, are you?”




Millie - Danielle Snowball (Professional Services)

Millie is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier; she often gets mistaken for a puppy but she’s 9 years old. People tend to highlight her resemblance to a teddy bear, an Ewok, and even sometimes (usually when she’s begging for food) a meerkat (picture for reference…). She loves going for walks, chasing squirrels and taking naps on the sofa next to me whilst I work. She also enjoys making an appearance in Zoom meetings!



Bisley - Laura Ford (The Law School)

Bisley is a 1-year-old long-haired chihuahua. He loves chewing everything and getting attention from everybody!



Islay - Morven McEachern (Huddersfield Business School) 

Islay is a big softie and knows exactly which looks to pull to get your attention!



Izzy and Rufus - Rachel Main (Vice-Chancellor's Office)

The Cesky Terriers practising social distancing. Rufus is six months old and enjoys big cuddles, destroying everything he can get his paws on and woofing at birds. Izzy is 10 years and six months old and her hobbies include eating voraciously, sleeping in sunbeams and battering Rufus.



Luna - Vicky Driscoll (Human Resources)

This is Vicky's ‘Gran dog’ Luna. A Vizla puppy almost 10 weeks old, she currently has beautiful green eyes (which will go darker as she gets older) and loves playing outside. Her long legs and big paws make her quite clumsy and I love the regular ‘pup dates’ I receive from my daughter. I am looking forward to meeting her when this crazy time is over, but meanwhile make do with FaceTime calls so that she can get used to my voice, as holiday dog sitting is on the cards!



Jack - Claire Round (Human Resources)

Jack the Labrador came to Claire'es family as a puppy 7 years ago and is a brilliant companion for the whole family - he’s a real softie and loves cuddles.  Jack’s favourite things are playing fetch, eating and sleeping - followed by sunbathing, which he can tie in quite nicely with the sleeping!  He has a special talent for snoring and is a good listener (very discreet and can keep a secret!) He is also a seasoned professional at looking at you with the saddest eyes when you are eating and he is not!   He thinks it is a shame that he cannot join in Zoom calls, as he is far too big to sit on Claire's knee!



Daisy - Jennifer Carter (Computing and Engineering)

This is Daisy the‘Shih-poo’ dog. There’s a photo from last August (Daisy 1) on her first birthday and one from last week where she’s made great progress in befriending Marmalade, one of Jennifer's cats. Daisy has been brilliant as a friend for Jennifer's daughter during the lockdown. Her daughter has no siblings living at home and has quite elderly parents! Daisy is a great friend and as she’s still young is very playful and tolerant. She’s had two emergency visits to the vets too during lockdown and each time we were so worried but they sorted the problems out really well; they have a system of handing over at arms-length in the car park which was an unusual experience in itself.



Gary - Jessica Walton (Financial Services)

This is Gary the 14 week old Golden Retriever. His favourite things to do are eat, sleep, look neglected when Jessica and family don’t give him a treat every hour and dig the garden up. Most of his life has been spent social distancing and he doesn’t understand why he can’t get to play with every person and dog he meets. He is so special to Jennnifer and her family because he puts a smile on their faces as soon as he wags his tail and his fluffy cuddles have made him the best little lockdown buddy ever. He makes the 6am wake up calls all worth it!



Lola - Andrew Youde (School of Education)

This is Lola, Andrew's Labrador, with Sky, the Weimaraner - her best friend.  They stay together at times - and sleep together!



Frank - Olivia Briddon (Human Resources)

Frank is a cocker spaniel and is nearly 2 years old.  His favourite things are bouncing on the trampoline, bacon on a Saturday morning, long weekend walks as a family and he absolutely loves trips to the beach!  He is enjoying having Olivia and family at home more at the moment…especially the extra treats he is managing to wangle!



Kia and Skye - Zoe Taylor (Human and Health Sciences)

Zoe has had had Kia from a puppy, she's never ever tired and drives Zoe and family mad sometimes but she's so cute. She loves climbing on anything she's not supposed to (the higher the better), snow, her favourite arm of the sofa and howling through the night, she is very vocal. 

Skye was a rescue dog who was abandoned at kennels with a fake address and number and they never came back for her.  She wasn't well cared for and had a number of injuries but after only a couple of weeks she had made huge improvements. Around 5 years later, she now loves kayaking, cuddling up to Zoe's boyfriend (she gets way more attention than Zoe), her paddling pool and carrots. 



Freddie - Clare Stevens (Financial Services)

Hero boy Freddie the lemon and white beagle.  As you can see he hasn’t always looked so well.  He was found as a stray almost starved to death weighing only 6.9 kg. The first photograph is quite shocking and he really shouldn’t have survived, but he pulled through and Clare and her family rescued him 2 months after he was found.  He is the most loving and gentle dog.  Loves to follow the family everywhere, just to see what they are up to, he enjoys sniffing, lots!  He loves to find a sun puddle and snooze in it and can always be found when there is food about.




Basil - Julian Hirst (Estates)

This is Basil. He is now a Whippet..... but looked like a fat Jack Russel when he was born! 



Rex - Cerys Jones (Student Services)

Meet Rex, a nine month old Cavapoo! His favorite ways to pass the time in lock down are dressing up as Superman to guard the house, playing with his giraffe whilst mum is on Zoom and going for walkies in his new mac. He is also patiently waiting for a haircut.



Betty and Elsie - Angela Mitchell (Finance)

Here are Angela's little dog Lola's two Patterjack (Patterdale x Jack Russell) pups, Betty & Elsie, born just before lockdown - double trouble!!!



Rosa - Nicola Brogden (Computing and Library Services)

This is Rosa, Nicola's 5yr old Shih Tzu - Fearless adventurer, Ravager of soft toys, Distroyer of sandcastles, Murderer of snowmen, Chaser of sticks, Fetcher of balls, Swimmer of all streams & seas, Master of play bows, Queen of puppy eyes and Mother of all fur sister to 9yr old Eva! There's no Princess here, pure Lara Croft through & through - A vital member of Nicola's little girlie family trio... SHIH TZUs RULE!! 



Lola - Philip Clegg (Research and Enterprise)

Lola is just over 3 years old and loves long walks, paddling in streams, and avoiding the groomers! She thinks she's escaped that for now, but doesn't realise that we've just ordered some clippers and so she may not look quite as lovely as this in a few days time! 



Lenny - Sam Preest (Financial Services) 

Lenny is a one year old chocolate brown cockerpoo. He is getting through the lockdown by having long walks, pestering for food he shouldn't be eating, interrupting zoom meetings and barking at the postman.




Charlie - Kelly Boyd (Student Services)

Here is Kelly's dog Charlie looking like butter wouldn’t melt… However, usually when he is in fields like this he spends most of his time snuffling up bunny droppings.  Despite this one bad habit he is still an amazing pet. He is good with everyone and will happily take a fuss from strangers when he is out and about. He is also a brilliant dog for therapy as he loves nothing more than to be hugged and up next to you. He thinks he is the size of a lap dog sometimes.  He was a rescue dog but has always been very mild mannered and well-trained.




Teddy - Kelly Jakeman (Computing and Engineering)

Teddy is an year old ‘Dwarf Labrador’, who Kelly and family have had since he was 8 weeks old.  He is incredibly affectionate and after losing his partner in crime (Bertie, Kelly's other Labrador 3 years ago) has become the boss of the house!  He is loving the ‘lockdown’ more than anyone in the family, as he gets to go on multiple walks a day and gets to lay with everyone on the sofa!



Alfie - Laurie Nettleton (Team Hud)

Meet Alfie, he is without doubt the cutest!  As you can see he has a rounded personality and is in training to join Team Hud following the lockdown :)




Minnie - Melanie Rogers (Human and Health Sciences)

This is Minnie, Melanie's 9 year old long haired miniature daschund. As you can see she has followed Melanie into Nursing and has been a very helpful work colleague 😆. Minnie is loving having Melanie work at home and they have been exploring the beautiful countryside outside their house in Hightown where they recently moved. She has also been known to enjoy fancy dress at special times. Post covid she would like a job at the University.




Marley - Oliver Turner (Applied Sciences)

Marley the border collie who is 5 years old. 




Alfie - Paula Morrison (ADA)

Meet Alfie, a little dog with a huge personality.  He joined Paula's family in July last year when he was 18 months old, when he was being rehomed for no fault of his own.  He soon settled in with his furry sisters, Pepsy, a border terrier who his thinks is his mum and Penny, also a pug.  He is so loving, full of life and there’s never a dull moment when he’s awake.  When you meet him, you can’t help but fall in love with him, he loves his cuddles and if you oblige,  he will gladly give you a pug wash.




Ralph - Hazel Bryan (School of Education)

Meet Ralph, a wire-haired Jack Russell.





Meg - Sally Hobson (Estates)

This is Meg, Sally's 10 year old Choc Lab. Resting, working and playing!  She’s Sally's best friend and she has had her since she was 6 weeks old, she is never out of her sight. She suffers really bad with arthritis but doesn’t let it get her down, plenty of medication keeps her going!   The change in her routine has been a shock to her – everyone being at home – Charlie (the child !) who’s 6 and a dinosaur fan, torments Meg like mad on a daily basis with his dinosaur hunting, pretending she’s a T-Rex or a Diplodocus!




Alfie - Sarah Leah (School of Education)

Here we have Alfie (7 year old Bullmastiff) and Archie (6 year old Staffie) who are the bestest of friends.  They spend their days protecting their humans from the scariest of postmen, random people walking past the house, cats who dare to live on the same street…Fearless to the end, and always on guard….well in theory, however as the photographic evidence suggests, perhaps security and alertness go out of the window when they discover the sofas and blankets.




JD, Lola & Nelson - Sharron Peace (Financial Services)

Enjoying isolation together.  The motto is fight, eat, walk and love each other - As long as we have each other we can face anything even a bath...




Poppy and Toby - Liz Brennand (Applied Sciences)

Meet Poppy and Toby both are looking a little scruffy and need a trip to the groomers. Both are rescue dogs. Toby came from the RSPCA and is approx 13 years old he has walked the Midnight Memory walk twice now. Poppy came to Liz's family from West Yorkshire Dog Rescue and is approx 14 years, they have had Poppy 3 years and according to the rescue only had 6 months to live due to non cancerous lumps, but shes still going strong. Toby is Liz's walking companion and Poppy TV watching snuggler.





Paddington - Ann Gurrey (ADA)

This is Paddington. The 1 year old Wire-Haired Dachshund. Paddington is loving his life at the moment with constant love and attention. He keeps us smiling through these strange times with his playful nature. He keeps us active and gives us routine, helping us stay positive and mind happy! Don’t get me wrong he’s cute but he can be very stubborn (I’m sure other dachshund owners will agree), but we wouldn’t change a thing!




Patrick -Elsie Hargate (Sustainability Team)

The dog is Patrick the poodle, who is loving life in lockdown as it means lots of time spent outdoors or having cuddles (his 2 favourite things after chicken!)




Stanley - Emma Eastwood (Financial Services)

Meet Stanley, Emma's furry nephew and Emma's sister’s new apprentice while she works from home. Bit of a boisterous beagle baby, he spends most of his day charging about in the garden - coming in for lunch, biscuits, anything vaguely edible… pens, notepads, y’know that kind of thing. After a nice long walk to see Emma (socially distanced of course) he’s off home to settle for a nice bubble bath in the evening. Sanity saving little bundle of madness 😃




Guinness - Esha Goswami (Vice Chancellor's Office)

This is Guinness! He has an unusual name but when Esha first met him, he was a little ball of fur and reminded her of the colours of Esha's favourite beer!  He loves sitting in the garden, looking at birds and bees! He is a silly little dog who loves hiding socks in the garden and when they are discovered, he runs around with joy! It’s like a treasure hunt game he plays .  He is great around other dogs and if he likes you, you will be covered with his licks! He is a lovely, timid Lhasa Apso and is always happy pose for a click 😊




Lily and Maisie - Harriette Knight (Marketing)

Lily and Maisie are sisters (kind of) and they love that we're all working from home now! Likes: Playing fetch, ugly Christmas jumpers, Doggie Easter eggs, leftover Sunday roast, finding plastic bottles on walks and bringing them home to be recycled (into new toys!).  Dislikes: Coming back when called, being told no, spinach and kale. 




Olive - Holly Platten (Human and Health Sciences)

This is Olive. She is sassy, aloof, a little self righteous and absolutely stunning. She loves being on camera, walking in the countryside and generally having the upper hand in all situations. 




Rolo - Janet Thornton (Financial Services)

This Rolo the chocolate Labrador he came to Janet's family from Dogs Trust Leeds at the age of two. He made himself straight at home as soon as they brought him home.  He is your typical Labrador who adores food especially what you are eating and running around with the zoomies. He loves rivers, lakes and dirty puddles but hates the hose pipe and having a bath!




Toto - Vanessa Kaye (Vice Chancellor's Office)

Toto has been in Vanessa's family for a mere 7 weeks. In that short period of time he has brought so much joy and happiness to the family.  He is a bundle of energy and keeps them motivated to get out and about to help them get through this hard time. In that short period of time he has become a family member and they don’t know what they would do without him.




Brutus - Alison Aspeling (Computing and Engineering)

Brutus is a 2 year old pug, he loves picking things up off the floor, especially stones, chewing gum, slippers and anything going really! Followed by chasing him round in circles to get said item out of his mouth. Alison thinks he is very cute but also very naughty.  He also snores a lot….and very loudly.




Pippa - Annaliese Hartley (Human and Health Sciences)

This is Pippa, an 18 mth old Cocker Spaniel. She is Annalies's baby and most definitely the most loving dog that she has ever been fortunate enough to have. Pippa is an excellent ‘pigeon and crow scarer awayer’ so little birds can eat in peace. She’s also fantastic at unearthing those pesky pheasants on the moors and giving them plenty of winged exercise. She also is a brilliant water-saving aid and gives, whoever will let her, a thorough face washing every morning before getting out of bed. Finally, because of course she considers herself to be an equal member of the family, she refuses to eat that ‘yucky dog food’ – with heavens knows what’s in - and prefers instead to dine on meals of chicken, beef, pork, sardines and vegetables.




Bella - James Marsden (Human Resources)

This is Bella a 2 year old Poodle/Bichon Frise cross (James refuses to call her a Poochon).  She came to live with James' family nearly a year ago and is so full of beans, she loves going on walks (the longer the better) and if you make the mistake of throwing a ball for her she won’t stop until she physically collapses.  She loves likes tolerates James' toddler who loves her to bits. She is coming out of the end of a scruffy stage after James started grooming her at home towards the end of last year, but he's starting to get the hang of it now while everyone else is starting to think about giving it a go, so who’s laughing now?!!




Swift and Willow (the whippet) - Julie Walker (Applied Sciences)

AKA naughty rescue dog 1 and 2.  Swift was rescued in July 2015 and is aged between 7 and 9 years old and like his namesake can run very fast.  Handsome, lovable and loyal but rescue issues means he dislikes men, cars, bikes, helicopters and quite a few dogs!  Willow is 2 and a half years old and was found abandoned walking in the road at dawn – no one claimed her.  Crazy, over excitable, loving (too much sometimes), easily led (by her partner in crime), accident prone and 100% diva. But Julie and family would not be without them!




Monty - Ayesha Blacker (Vice Chancellor's Office)

There’s something about Monty (AKA Mr Magru on his Instagram Page). Ayesha took this little guy in three years ago after already being rehomed twice and have never regretted it for a minute (except for the time he rolled in fox poo THREE TIMES in one day!) No one’s perfect, and fortunately he’s never repeated this stunt again. Monty simply lifts the mood wherever he goes and it’s like having that ‘holiday feeling’ all of the time. His favourite things are cuddles and playing with his squeaky toys. Give him a bath and he runs around the house like a mad thing! He’s always to happy to see you, even though you might have only left his sight for a second. Ayesha could write a book about Monty, but in short his funny little ways have made them laugh every single day since they got him and they will forever be grateful he came into their lives.



 Yogi and Booboo - Kate McGuinn (Library)

Two fluffy chincillas!




Binky and Claude - Layla Smith's (Registry)

Binky, is a retired Appaloosa horse who is 20 now, enjoying a slower pace of life. Layla has owned him  15 years. He has the best character, is so cheeky and very clever and him and Layla have the most special bond! He loves nothing more than a good old scratch and cuddle and will do most things for food! 

Claude, Layla's 6 year old ‘not sure’, probably Clydesdale cross! layla has owned him 18 months.  He is very laid back for a youngster and wants to spend most of his time snoozing so ‘lockdown’ is suiting him just fine!


Little Lamb - Layla Smith (Registry)

One of the lambs born on her farm this month.  OK, so not strictly a pet… but surely the cutest!  You can’t beat lamb cuddles after a day at work!



Uno - Clare Funnell (Human and Health Sciences)

Clare has had Uno for 16 years and they have enjoyed lockdown with daily rides at home and he is enjoying being taught the dance moves of pirouette and sidestep which they have very nearly mastered now. He loves attention and polo mints and will nuzzle Clare or nip if he isn’t getting enough. Clare has to buy polos in wholesale boxes as he likes 3 packets a day!



Billy, Benny, Jack and Sid - Clare Funnell (Human and Health Sciences)

Their field sits on the edge of a public footpath where they have been relishing in the increased amount of walkers crossing the land. They are very friendly and have celebrity status in the village where everyone knows them.




Gracie - Elsie Hargate (Sustainability Team)

Meet Gracie the pony, we would usually be out and about competing in dressage however instead she is enjoying a well deserved holiday. Gracie is currently going through her rebellious teenage years and is therefore residing in what looks like a jail cell after playing the great escape twice in one week... She has taken lockdown to the next level!




Barney, Tom, Harry, Waffle, Biscuit and little Zebra - Hayley Markham (Applied Sciences)

Barney the brute, Tom, Harry, Waffle, Biscuit and little Zebra are currently on a break in costa del-Golcar.  These fish were something Hayley brought on to campus when she first became a MH First Aider to try to bring about a sense of calm in the Applied Sciences tearoom.




Bob - Hayley Markham (Applied Sciences)

My first entry is “Bob” (the affectionate “pet” name given to any small amphibian/reptile Hayley has met).  Bob and several others (Hayley is very lucky) are a selection of palmate and smooth newts that live in the pond at the far end of Hayley's garden.  Being quite timid, newts don’t hang around long enough to pose for photos, however it is their breeding season so the pond is awash with mini-beasts vying for attention at the moment!



Colin Chameleon - Sarah Elsetub (and Sam aged 9) (Applied Sciences)

The description and submission is from Sam Elstub (age 9) who was set this task as part of his Literacy lesson during home schooling. Sam and his sister Charlotte have enjoyed looking at all the other pet photos.  Colin Chameleon is 2 years old and he is from the amazon rain forest. He is a clever chameleon and can be a bit cheeky. He has 360 degree vision. Since lockdown Colin has been attending Student Recruitment Team meetings where he shares his knowledge and expertise of adapting to changing situations quickly and is a valued member of the team.



Gary - Francesca Pickard (iPoint)

This is Gary, a local peacock that wanders around peoples gardens in Halifax!




Coco - Alison Aspeling (Computing and Engineering)

Here is Coco, Alison's 5 year old cross lop/English rabbit.  He is in charge in the back garden.  He loves to challenge and chase cats, squirrels and Alison's pug around the garden.  Unfortunately he loves to eat plants/flowers, but he loves to have lots of cuddles too.




Lizzie - Annaliese Hartley (Human and Health Sciences)

Lizzie is a Connemara pony who is only 4 years old so she is just a baby! She is the softest, most gentlest pony who loves kicking around turnips and eating human hair!

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