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Life in Lockdown Photo Competition

For the next photo competition from the Occupational Health Department we would like you to use your camera lens to provide a window into your world during lockdown. The photo could be one you took during the full lockdown period, or could be a photo you can take now that encapsulates all or part of your lockdown experience.  It could be inspiring, it could be humorous, it could be a bit sad, it could be a cherished memory that you will take away as a positive from this strange time.  I am sure we all have many photos from this time, but please just send us one photo with a caption that explains what it means to you and your experience. 

Remember to stay safe and stick to government guidelines on social distancing and make sure any people in the photo are happy for it to be shared. 

The competition is now closed and the winner was Martha McLean from the School of Education.  Well done Martha and thanks to everybody who entered.

You can see all the entries below.

Heather Wade (Student's Union)

In lock down I have really missed swimming. So in early July I was (finally) convinced by a friend to go wild swimming. It was cold but epic and I will certainly be going back in! You don't even need £1 for a locker!




Julia Blair (School of Art and Design)

My memory of life in lockdown will be losing my dad 6 weeks in, at the age of 89.  I hadn’t been able to see him for 8 weeks as his care home locked down earlier than the rest of the country and it was the hardest thing I have ever experienced.  It was 5 days before my birthday and 12 days before my mum’s 2nd anniversary and May passed in a blur.  We were only allowed 15 people at his send-off but had a webcast that allowed friends and family to join us from as far away as Australia, Canada and Jersey along with former colleagues from the University, which wouldn’t have been possible in ‘normal’ circumstances.  Over 60 people lined the road where my parents had lived since moving in a newly-weds in 1959 and clapped us off as we took dad on his final journey – beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time.  We had a humanist funeral and people got to learn so much about dad’s life and his achievements and we received many lovely comments from family, friends and neighbours about their memories of time spent with dad and his impact on their lives and the support he gave their children from his teaching days.  Working from home gave me a distraction to what was going on and much support from colleagues that may have felt a bit awkward had we been in the office as its never an easy time when a colleague loses a parent as you fear upsetting them whilst wishing to show your support, however they were able to reach out remotely and offer support and words of comfort which was very much appreciated.  Lockdown has made me more resilient and made me find my inner strength and I will take happy memories with me going forward and turn May into a celebration of my parents lives and all they taught me. 




Katrina Whitehead (Fashion and Textiles)

The double rainbow was captured in March, around the time when drawings of rainbows started appearing in people’s windows and so this image will always remind Katrina of her lockdown experience.



Hang Nguyen (Huddersfield Business School)

Hang sent this photo of ducks social distancing outside Huddersfield Rail Station (she hopes they consent to her sending this in!) and this photo of an almost deserted Transpennine train (can you spot the two passengers?).  




Eddie Dawson-Jones (School of Art, Design and Architecture)

This is the Eastern Veil Nebula NGC 6992 taken from Eddie's back garden with 32 x 4 minute exposures combined to make 128mins exposure using Canon 600d @ ISO 800 770mm telescope as a lens.  Locked down – but still looking Up!




Layla Smith (Registry)

Throughout lockdown, having the horses has been a welcome distraction as they need seeing to as normal, they allow me time to escape and think. I love this picture as it looks like Claude is also deep in thought, contemplating life over the rainbow!




Chris Cameron (Criminology, Politics and Sociology)

This is my seven year old granddaughter who I had chance to spend time with recently, enjoying the sunshine coming through her bedroom blinds. An uplifting moment, it reminded me how beautiful our world and the future is, despite our present circumstances.




Kirsty Carver (Library)

Spending time in the garden...




Hugh Osborne (Computer Science)

You may recall that we were encouraged to put teddy bears in the window for passing children.  Well, my bears were bored just sitting there, so passed the time reading.  Normally, they read the sort of things that you would expect of bears:  Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, ...

But sometimes their reading became a little more esoteric.




Martha McLean (School of Education)

This photo is from week 2 of lockdown, my son drawing pictures on the front windows for our neighbours to see.




Ruth Cohen (Marketing, Communications and Student Recruitment)

Life in lockdown, phone calls, prosecco and life inside – for days.  Photo taken end 30th March 2020 – we still had no idea how much longer it was going to go on!




Sarah Agar-Brennan (Research and Enterprise)

A little background to this photo is that when lockdown hit I went into a bit of a fear bubble, not helped by my age and delicate hormones I am sure. My back went within the first week and I could hardly walk for 6 weeks. I struggled with all aspects of being lockdown at first, not being at work with my wonderful team, home schooling, having a daughter as a key worker and so on. 

Fast forward a few months to the picture. This is a result of taking up Qigong and Pilates and doing them every day to build my core up and calm my mind. I finally plucked up the courage to buy a paddle board and take to the wild waters of the UK's lakes. Not content with just paddling around I decided to try my hand at Yoga on my board. This shoulder stand going into a plough picture was taken at 7am on a Lake in Wales where I was camping. I felt incredibly accomplished after this, I have come a long way in lockdown!





Sophie Buck (School of Education)

A couple of photos attached - the first is during a walk at Yateholme socially distanced with my dad and his dog right at the start of lockdown - no filter and the view was incredible!

The second is two of my cats - even they're socially distancing!  Think they've quite enjoyed having everyone at home!




Ruth Grundy (Huddersfield Business School)

I moved into my house a year ago and always meant to do something with the yard. During lockdown I wasn’t able to get out and about into nature as much so wanted to be able to see green out of my kitchen window. I created a mini ‘yarden’ and was delighted to see that it brought all kinds of nature, including this lovely little chap buzzing off from one of the plants.

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