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Mental Health Awareness Week - Photo Competition

Effect of Nature on Wellbeing

This Years Mental Health Awareness Week has a theme of Nature, What are the effects nature on our wellbeing?

Environmental psychologists know that encounters with the natural world are beneficial for our health and wellbeing, and this idea is not new (remember your parents telling you to get outside because it’s good for you?).  Indeed, research suggests that exposure to nature boosts our mood and can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension resulting in reduced levels of stress. 

Psychologists studying the effects of nature on people found that even small glimpses of the natural world (nearby nature) can have a positive effect on wellbeing.  For example, even just the sight of a few trees viewed through a window, even though this may seem insignificant, can be a powerful way to improve wellbeing.  This means that even if you are currently self-isolating or in one of the vulnerable groups and not able to get out of the house, any nature you can view from your window can be really beneficial.  For example, viewing green space in the distance or even just stopping to watch the pigeons and other birds outside your window if you are in a more built up area. 

Our Winner is....

Spyros Kaprinis

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