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Thank You Awards 2012 - Finalists

Inspirational Teaching

Chris Irvine

This finalist’s students highlighted his ability to prepare them for their future careers as well as to succeed academically. His lectures have been described as a pleasure to attend – current and engaging. His provision of excellent networking opportunities, as well as avenues for his students to implement their journalistic skills in a professional capacity, were also highlighted.

Karen Currell

This finalist was cited for her ability to engage with each and every one of her students during lectures.  She has been described as one of the most influential staff members that her students have encountered at the university – they said they felt inspired to become better nurses by her passion and her fun, relevant lectures.

Mark Mynett  

This finalist’s ability to talk around the subject, while always staying relevant, is highlighted by his students. He makes sure every question is answered and that the answer has been understood, drawing on his own experiences to inspire his students to try things for themselves. His use of practical examples, and ability to present from an industry point of view ensure his teaching is always completely relevant.  One of his students has even been inspired to start their own production company and to go into teaching the subject after their PGCE.

Exceptional Assessment and Feedback

Daryl Marples

This finalist’s feedback has been described as honest and usable, with no fear of being critical. While critical feedback may sometimes be hard to take at first, his students all cited it as a motivational factor, prompting them to strive for more.  Feedback is always prompt, with work often returned the next day. The finalist was also praised for brilliantly structured management of the module.

Andrew Mycock

This finalist’s students highlighted how he encourages his students to send drafts of work which he would examine in detail with them before guiding to specific and relevant reading material. The feedback he provides contains the utmost detail, with clear advice on how to improve. His students also found the support they were given before undertaking assessed work particularly impressive, such as guidance on how to structure each essay and pinpointing what to include. 

James Wilson

This finalist’s students were impressed by his use of alternative methods of assessment, described as a great improvement on previous years – the use of Unilearn was specifically highlighted. Examples of very helpful and specific guidelines as part of feedback were provided, including suggestions on how to improve word count. Students also praised the amount of positive feedback given, citing its usefulness in helping them to understand what they should build on. 

Excellent Student Support

Caroline Pringle

This finalist was primarily nominated because of the support she gave to all her students when their course was going through a major shake-up. Many students had been left behind in their studies, and the support provided by this finalist has been cited as a major reason why many students were able to turn their marks around and make it to the final year when many thought they wouldn’t. Described as an excellent teacher, mentor and friend. 

Glynis Jones

This finalist’s willingness to offer help and devote time, often her own, to her students was one of the main reasons for her nominations. Described as reassuring, encouraging, and someone who can make you truly believe in your abilities, this finalist was given a particular mention for supporting some of her students through a marketing competition that they went on to win.

Jo Mitchell

This finalist’s support has reached beyond the boundaries of the university, providing assistance to students before they even arrive. This nominee  always takes time to make sure any problem or issue encountered by students is overcome, and has the ability to find the best in every situation. Her nominations all cited the fact that the students felt they would not have been able to get through university without her. 

Kirsty Thomson

This finalist is described as having superhuman and super-efficient administrative skills, and, I quote, could ‘run the university single-handedly’ such is her knowledge and her skills. She is praised particularly for her understanding of the support required by international students and her foresight, speed and efficiency at dealing with any issues they have.

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