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Thank You Awards 2013

Finalists for the Student Support category were:

Chris Blamires

Liz Garland

Andrea Gaynor

Vicky Kaye

Fiona Trotter

Liz Garland won this category.

Here’s what our students had to say: Liz goes above and beyond her role as a technician ensuring that we are given the assistance we require.  Her experience and natural affinity to teaching means that we are given practical and clear instruction and support.  She guides us with a positive, creative and supportive attitude and pushes us to achieve the most innovative work possible. She goes out of her way to make sure we get as much help as we need, and more, staying after hours and thinking outside the box to help us to realise our designs. This makes her a member of staff that none of us would have been as successful without.  She has an extensive knowledge of everything!

Finalists for the Inspirational Teaching category were:

Emma Knott

Chris Howard

Mark Mynett

Jayne Samples

Colin Venters

Naveed Yasin

Mark Mynett is this category’s winner.

Our students said: His dedication to ensuring everything he does is understood, not only in theory but also in practice, is incredibly inspiring. He does not just explain the theory behind technological concepts, he demonstrates them and gives examples of their practical application, allowing students to grasp a better understanding of what it is they need to be doing.

His wide real-life experience allows him to give an honest, open view of what the industry is like. His passion for his job comes across in every lecture and is totally inspiring. 

I like to think of myself as confident with my recording and mixing abilities, however, Mark has given me further insight and inspiration into learning and looking further into the subject, changing my overall perspective and giving me more confidence in my senses (my ears in this case).

Finalists for the Assessment and Feedback category were:

Wayne Bailey

Lindsay Dodd

Mike Snowden

The winner in this category is Wayne Bailey.

Our students said: His knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for his subject are apparent.  It is only equalled by the dedication, support and encouragement he offers students, and is surpassed by the motivational quality of feedback and assessment methods used. 

As a part-time, off-campus student, my expectations for meaningful, constructive feedback and assessment were exceeded.   His innovative use of mixed-media added richness and depth to my learning experience.  Creative use of audio feedback commentary as part of assessment enhanced the written commentary, vocally consolidating the content of the feedback through expression and inflection.

Outcome successes were celebrated, challenges and suggestions were given weight, and most importantly, I felt motivated to improve and exceed my own expectations of the course.

Outstanding Contribution Award

This year the judges agreed that a finalist was so strong in each of the categories, that for her just to win one award would not do justice to the nominations received.  They decided to award an Outstanding Contribution Award to Cath Ellis.  This is a new award showing excellence in all three categories of nomination.

Here are some of the comments students made about Cath in all three categories:

Student Support

She encourages you to make the best of yourself. Although the process of overcoming your weaknesses can be daunting, she makes it as simple and easy as it can be. She genuinely cares about getting the best you possibly can, and even though she pushes, it is anything but a negative experience.

When I suffered an injury at the beginning of my final year, I began to fall behind with a lot of my work.  When I finally told myself that I needed help and I couldn't continue to struggle on my own, I went to her. She not only helped me to get the extensions I needed for her own module, but took on the challenge of overseeing my final year project.  She has always treated me with kindness and honesty, something which I really respect about her character.

Assessment and Feedback

Amazing feedback on every piece of work! She runs specific workshops on feedback - in detail and how we need to get that extra couple of percent to up our grades.

This year, I got a grade I was not very happy with and that knocked my confidence terribly. She noticed this and immediately set out to assist me in feeling and doing better. It is through her support that I got a 20% improvement on my first grade and gained an overall distinction for the module. She then took the time to explain to me exactly why my grade had improved so much and made sure that I knew that I earned it.

Her feedback is unusual in the sense that I've never had any as in-depth and specific.

Inspirational Teaching

She is a brilliant teacher who deserves recognition. Her classes are always exciting and academically stimulating. She is the reason this module is brilliant.

Classes with her are a highlight of the week. They are by far the most intellectually challenging, but also the most rewarding. Her teaching style and enthusiasm for the subject matter are fantastic.

Cath managed to make one of the most difficult subjects I have studied into my favourite without even trying.

Well done to all involved in this year’s Thank You Awards.

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