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Thank You Awards 2015

In 2015, over 600 students nominated members of staff to receive a Thank You Award and on Monday 27 April the winners were announced at the awards ceremony in St. Paul’s Hall.

There were three award categories:

  • Inspirational Teaching
  • Exceptional Student Support
  • Enhancing the Student Experience

In addition Naveed Yasin was selected to receive a special award 'Outstanding across all three categories'

"For his understanding to work with multicultural students... Without any doubts, Dr. Naveed Yasin is - a true professional lecturer, who loves to talk facts, a person who sincerely tries, and indeed he succeeds getting everyone to pay attention and many to express a natural born curiosity occurring on each lecture... He always explains with clear thoughts, he helped me to understand business in a very international environment. He knows how to reach you in most appropriate method... I met him in second year of my study as my teacher. He has a unique passion for enterprise and business. He is younger than me but my role model. He made my study at Huddersfield worthwhile..."

Inspirational Teaching

Photograph of Dr Simon Crump of The University of Huddersfield's School of Music, Humanities and Media receiving his Thank You Award for Inspirational Teaching from previous winner Mark Mynett.

Dr Sim‌on Crump, receiving his Thank You Award for Inspirational Teaching from previous winner Mark Mynett

Finalists: Stephen Hogarth, Veronica Newton, Peter Hogg
Winner: Simon Crump, here's what our students had to say:

"Simon is probably one the best teachers I've ever had, in terms of both university tutors and schoolteachers. He's distinctly unorthodox, almost a trademark... He is approachable and welcoming when you need to see him, and offers you a cup of tea which is always nice... Simon is an incredible teacher. He's the best teacher I've had during my entire education because he will work to the death to make sure we all get the grades we deserve. He goes out of his way to make sure we're all okay and that we're confident with our work..."

Exceptional Student Support

Finalists: Ruth Brookes, Ann Wood, Lynn Ashmore
Winner: Rukhsana Din

"Rukhsana has time for every question from every student that approaches her, and no question is too trivial.  She is an inspiration to anyone thinking of becoming an academic tutor... I have suffered life-long mental health difficulties and frankly, had I not gone to see Rukhsana when I did during my first term, I would have left the course, I was completely overwhelmed. Rukhsana was understanding and I began to work with her on a weekly basis; as a result I developed confidence and belief in my abilities... Rukhsana is the most amazing tutor, really helpful and honest. She has continuously helped me improve my skills and ability throughout my University experience. You can chat to her about anything even about silly little things and she listens and appreciates how these can affect my uni work.."

Enhancing the Student Experience

Finalists: Paul Hollingdale, Jessica Malay, Natasha Levy
Winner: Robert Allan

"I have chosen this member of staff because he always has something to say that will get the group motivated to work harder at the course.  Every time I leave a tutorial with him I am inspired to work harder at my studies and get the best possible grade I can... I wouldn't be where I am today on my course if it wasn't for Dr Rob Allan's direct and disciplined teaching style.  Looking back on my life in education, I feel Dr Allan was the best teacher I had and made me feel capable of accomplishing anything with some serious hard work... Dr Allan provided me with the opportunity to access higher education. Without his initial support and guidance I would not be the confident assertive person that I am today, able to access an exciting new chapter in my life. He is a keen supporter of mature students like myself and inspires those who crave success to aim high in their future career..."

Photograph of Dr Robert Allan and Rukhsana Din, both from the University of Huddersfield School of Applied Sciences receiving their Thank You Awards from Professor Tim Thornton, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning.

Dr Robert Allan and Rukhsana Din receiving their respective Thank You Awards from Professor Tim Thornton, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning

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