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Presenting your research

Tips for Presenting your research

Publishing your work on teaching and learning in HE - a PowerPoint presentation by Professor Christine Jarvis, National Teaching Fellow, formerly Dean of the School of Education and Professional Development, now PVC Teaching and Learning at the University.

Professor Chris Cowton's shares his top tips for getting published:

The following documents may help those new to publishing:

Designing an academic poster

Some basic tips:

  1. The basic rule of poster design is to provide a short, clear, non-technical description of what you did, why you did it, and what you found.
  2. Keep your poster simple and brief. Put just enough to get your point across. It should tell a story. A typical reader only has few minutes to look at your poster, so there should be minimum clutter.
  3. Use large fonts so people will not have to squint to read the material. For headings, use at least a 48-point font. For text, use nothing less than 18-point.
  4. Make your poster visually appealing by incorporating colour, photographs, graphs, charts, maps etc. Make sure that you don't breach copyright when you use images or other digital media. See the University Copyright myth buster for more information. The JISC guide to finding digital media for use in teaching, learning or research is also very useful
  5. Simplify charts and figures to include only relevant information. Be attentive to the layout and placement of your materials.
  6. Place the title of your work in a prominent position on your poster.
  7. Ask for help. Seek feedback from colleagues on various draft versions of your poster before printing the final copy.
  8. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your poster for printing. It is common to encounter problems.

Additional resources

University of Leicester has a useful online tutorial for top tips in designing posters

Good tips from James Cheshire a PhD student based in the Department of Geography and Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London.

A prezi presentation Designing an academic poster by Adam Read, Learning Technologist at University College Plymouth St Mark and St John

A video on making an academic research poster using powerpoint by Jeremy Overmyer at University of Northern Colorado

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