Questions from VC’s presentations, December 2012

Q.  Is there a plan to set up an overseas campus?

A.  We have chosen to partner organisations rather than set up a campus of our own.  In other words we are investing curriculum rather than capital.  Our main aim is to get students to travel to the UK to get the UoH experience and build a strong relationship with the University.

Q.  What’s the strategy for developing international recruitment?

A.  We are focussing on building market share in major markets, for example in China and Nigeria we have opened offices, which are staffed by former students.  Schools that are doing well in recruitment terms are highly organised and travel out to different countries regularly.  There is no sign of the international recruitment market slowing down at the moment, there is still lots of potential for growth.

Q.  Has the government’s action regarding reducing immigration affected our international recruitment?

A.  It’s actually probably been a positive thing for us.  Previously lots of the students coming to the UK went to private colleges, some of which were more reputable than others.  Now students tend to come to Universities.  We have had very few visa refusals.