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The Right Destination

“Houston, we have a problem”.

  • What is the problem that needs solving?
    • What is your evidence to support this?
    • Don’t include reference to material that is not pertinent to your contention that this is the problem.
    • Why does the problem need solving? What are your reasons and evidence to support these reasons?
    • Be realistic. You need to assert your case but don’t make excessive claims
  • Show that you have the skills and experience to solve the problem.
    • This part establishes your capacity. Early career train drivers may need to practice before they are let loose on the main line.
    • Show how your work fits into the overall body of knowledge.
    • Don’t rubbish other researchers in your field, it may be them who will be judging the proposal. Praise their work and show how it puts you in a better position to build upon.
  • Why is your project the right vehicle to solve the problem?
    • What are the deliverables that are needed to solve the problem?
    • What are the activities you will carry out to deliver them?

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