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Contacts and Support

Pure is managed within the Research and Enterprise service. For queries relating to research outputs, publishing, Open Access and funder compliance etc, please email or telephone us on Microsoft Teams using one of the following: 

  • 01484 256 794
  • 01484 256 795

For all other Pure-related queries inlcuding activities, press/media, projects, impact etc, please email or telephone us on Microsoft Teams:

  • 01484 256 765

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pure only accessible on campus, or on campus windows computers?

Pure can be accessed on both Windows and Mac computers. To access Pure, please connect to one of the following:

  1. On-campus computers, or
  2. On-campus wifi, or
  3. Via the remote desktop app Parallels (also known as UniDesktop), or
  4. Via VPN remote access. If you would like to set up VPN remote access, please contact IT Support ( or 01484 47 37 37) 

My publication (research output) has been categorised under the wrong tab. How do I change this?

Research outputs are handled by the Pure Outputs Team within Research and Enterprise who deal with data entry, improvement and validation. If an output has been miscategorised, please email with the details.

My ["synced information"] is incorrect. How do I change it?

Synced information, for example PhD student details or start dates at the institution and department, cannot be changed directly by us through Pure, as this information must be changed at source. Please email with the exact issue/s. We will address this with the source system and subsequently this will update to display the accurate information within Pure.

My papers pre-2014 do not appear on my profile. Why is this?

Due to the volume of research outputs and publications being transferred into Pure from the University's previous repository EPrints, we began by prioritising post-2014 research. However, we encourage academics to create records in Pure for any pre-2014 research outputs and any more recent outputs that you may be missing from your Pure profile. Guidance has been circulated regarding this, however if you have any further issues we are hosting drop-in sessions and offering individual and group training. Alternatively, please email for help with research outputs and for guidance and advice on using your Pure profile.

This [publication name/details] is missing from my Pure profile. Can you add it please?

As per the University's Open Access Policy, academics are required to add their research outputs to Pure. Guidance has been circulated regarding this, however if you have any further issues we are hosting drop-in sessions and offering individual and group training. Alternatively, please email regarding research outputs or for guidance and advice on the use of your Pure profile.

Pure was used at my previous institution. Can I transfer my information/outputs across rather than entering them again?

We are able to do this for you, although it is a process we are still developing. Please email with the name of your previous institution and if possible the relevant contact for Pure queries at your previous institution, and we will look into doing this for you as soon as possible.

Can I upload my Doctoral thesis to Pure?

We are not currently accepting any Doctoral theses, although we are looking into storing them in Pure in future. Current student regulations require doctoral theses to be deposited in EPrints. If your thesis is currently stored in EPrints it will continue to be stored there, as EPrints will function as a historical archive.  

Do I need to upload my CV?

The CV module in Pure does not require you to upload a CV. This is a feature which, with the development of the system, will build a CV from your profile’s data- e.g. education. Please do not attempt to use the CV tab at present.

Where can I find the training guides for uploading research outputs, activites, projects etc. to Pure?

Please visit the Guides and Training page.



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