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Training for Research Supervisors

Explore the information below to learn more about Research Supervisor training, the Researcher Development workshops offered by Staff Development and SkillsForge for Supervisors.


Research Supervisor training

All training sessions for supervisors are managed through Staff Development and can be booked through their website. Course titles, target audiences and requirements are listed here, for more detailed descriptions and course content, download the Supervisor Training Course Descriptions pdf.

Contact the Researcher Environment Team by emailing for the most recent version of the course descriptions.

Staff Development maintain an up to date list of all those who have completed supervisor and internal examiner training. Directors of Graduate Education have access to this list and can answer enquiries about what training would be most appropriate.   

Click to view the Regulations for awards (research degrees): Section A


Supervision Fundamentals for new supervisors of postgraduate research degrees

All staff who wish to become Main Supervisors and have not acted in this capacity before, either at Huddersfield or elsewhere, must attend this course.

(Those who are new to Huddersfield but have experience as a Main Supervisor (at least one year) should complete the Supervision at Huddersfield course. Those who have experience of acting as a Main Supervisor at Huddersfield should complete the Supervision Update course once every three years).

The course is structured as two half-day central sessions, plus a School based session of up to half a day.

The first two workshops are run centrally by the Graduate School; the remaining session is designed and run by the individual Schools (within a framework set by the Graduate School) to reflect the particular contexts of PGRs in their disciplinary areas. All sessions include opportunities for discussion amongst participants and for questions to the programme team. Staff are expected to attend all sessions to receive confirmation of their eligibility to supervise.


Supervision at Huddersfield for experienced supervisors of postgraduate research degrees

Staff who arrive at Huddersfield with Main Supervisor experience (i.e. at least one year in the Main Supervisor role) are required to complete the Supervision at Huddersfield course. Once completed, staff are required to undertake the three-yearly Supervision Update in the same manner as experienced Huddersfield supervisors.

(Those who are new to supervision should complete the Supervision Fundamentals course. Experienced supervisors should complete the Supervision Update once every three years).

The course is structured as a single half-day central session, run centrally. It will cover all the main aspects of the roles of Main and Second Supervisors and associated procedures and regulations, including: the constitution of supervision teams, expectations of supervision meetings, recording progress, progression monitoring, final examination, personal and academic development of PGRs, careers for PGRs.


Supervision Update for experiences supervisors of postgraduate research degrees

We require staff who have experience of acting as a Main Supervisor at Huddersfield to complete the Supervision Update course, once every three years.  It will focus on the recent changes to regulations and expectations, as well as areas that have emerged as being of current concern through our monitoring of PGR processes.  It will also signpost key changes to support for PGRs and supervisors, including: online resources, researcher development programme, Academic English, VLE, Portal, and PGR management systems and processes, developments in the sector.

(Those who are new to PGR Supervision should undertake the Supervision Fundamentals course. Those who have experience of supervision at other institutions (i.e. at least one year as an active member of a supervision team) but not at Huddersfield should undertake the Supervision at Huddersfield course).

Supervision Update is new for 2019-20.


Research supervisor regulation briefings

These are short sessions which cover regulations only and are not an exemption from the three year update courses described above. They are held as and when there are changes to regulations and are targeted at all supervisors of postgraduate research degrees.


Internal examiner training

This training course is compulsory for any member of staff who might be nominated to act as an internal examiner for a research degree candidate at the University of Huddersfield. Successful completion of this course is a requirement for internal examiners prior to appointment. When considering nominations for internal examiners, contact Registry who have access to a list of those eligible to be internal examiners based on records generated by Staff Development attendees.


Staff Development Courses for Researchers

Staff Development offer a wide range of courses and workshops specifically for research staff. These include:

  • PURE Staff Training
  • REF 2021 Proposing Outputs in PURE
  • Supervision Fundamentals and Refresher sessions
  • Developing Successful Research Proposals: A general guide
  • Introduction to Research Metrics: Scopus and SciVal training

For the full list of courses and how to book, please visit the Staff Development Research and Enterprise webpages.


Information on the following initiatives can be found by following the links:

HR Excellence in Research

Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers


SkillsForge for Supervisors

SkillsForge is the system postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and their supervisors use to record regular supervision meetings, and for PGRs to book centrally organised training sessions and events.  Explore the links below for further information on how to use SkillsForge.

Supervisors who are having problems logging in to SkillsForge or any other SkillsForge issues, contact


Supervision recording

Recording a supervision meeting is straightforward, but for questions contact Registry who can provide instructions. Both supervisors and their postgraduate researchers (PGRs) must ‘sign’ the record to indicate both are happy with it before it can be submitted as a final copy. This double signing system was developed with input from both parties. Using SkillsForge to record supervision meetings means that there is a clear trail of communication between PGR and supervisor(s).

Notes of supervisory meetings do not need to be lengthy or detailed documents, but should record things that are helpful to the supervisor(s) and the PGR such as progress made on the project, key points discussed and any agreed actions or objectives to be achieved before the next meeting. This is essential to ensure that each party has a similar understanding of what was agreed during the meeting and to provide an accurate record of the supervisions should anyone need to look back on them.­­­

SkillsForge will automatically create formal monthly (or every two months for part-time) supervision meeting records for a PGR, but additional meeting records can also be created at any time. All compulsory meetings should be submitted before the one month/two month ­­deadlines shown on the homepage.

Supervisors who are having problems logging in to SkillsForge or any other SkillsForge issues, contact


Viewing SkillsForge bookings and attendances

Supervisors can see what courses or events their PGRs have booked on (and whether they have attended or not). Supervisors may not wish to use this function but it can be useful to see whether a PGR has booked onto a course you have recommended for them. To do this, log in and follow the links from the Training and Development tab at the top of the page.

Supervisors who are having problems logging in to SkillsForge or any other SkillsForge issues, contact

For further information, see the Students’ Handbook of Regulations and the Registry webpages.

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