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ASIS is the database which stores academic and personal data for applicants and students.

Information from ASIS is transferred at regular intervals to the various databases used by the Student Finance Office, the Library, timetabling and the student portal, Brightspace.

Staff and students both access information in ASIS. This is via the web portal and is known as eVision. It is accessed via My Students or My Studies on the staff portal or student portal respectively. Some staff may also have access to the client server from an icon on their desktop.

Access to ASIS is provided to new staff who are required to use ASIS, eVision or ‘My Students’ as part of their role upon completion of the relevant training and data protection forms. A line manager will need to request this to be set up.

As many processes involving the use of ASIS or eVision are managed by schools and services we would recommend that you speak with relevant colleagues in the first instance if you are experiencing difficulties.

If they are unable to assist, then please contact your ASIS Manager (where available) or your line manager and if they are unable to resolve the issue they will then contact ASIS Support.

We are currently updating all our training documentation and a repository will be created on these webpages. Introductory courses and more specialised training sessions are held at regular intervals throughout the year. These sessions will often reflect the stage in the academic year.


Please follow this link for the contact details for school and service ASIS managers

ASIS and Service Managers Contacts 2023

To contact the ASIS team please send an email to

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